Star Wars Games that Deserve a Remaster

Happy May 4th everybody! While not really anything official, this date has been joked enough to become a fairly accepted Star Wars Day online, so we’re joining in all the fun! I haven’t played too many Star Wars games, I’ll admit, so I gathered up everyone else on our team to find out what Star Wars games they want to see brought up to the current generation, be that by remaster or remake!

Knights of the Old Republic

“KOTOR is my all time favourite so I can’t wait for that to be remastered. Those rumours better be true!” – Dan

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

“LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars should be on Traveler’s Tales’ to-do list for remakes. The animated series is one of the most beloved pieces of Star Wars media to date and the original LEGO adaptation only covers the first two seasons so far. There would be potential for a whole new game’s worth of content when taking every other season into account.” – Solomael

Rouge Squadron 2

“I’m desperate for a remake of Rogue Squadron 2. First game I ever had on the GameCube and it’s still got the best flight controls of any game I’ve ever played hands down. Flying a speeder around the legs of an ATAT to bring it down, the Death Star trench run, and that massive space battle over Endor – so many wonderful memories.” – Dan

Star Wars Force Unleashed

“I actually would like to see the Force Unleashed games remastered. I thought their story was pretty neat and would love to see the games get some much needed graphical updating.” – Greg

Masters of Teras Kasi

“Look, I’m not saying that this game was good at all, what I’m saying is that there’s a lot of potential here now that there have been 6 additional mainline movies and enough spinoff to make enough corporate big wigs to foam at the mouth since this game came out. Fighting games in established franchises can be great (I’m looking at you, Fighter Z) so maybe it’s time to revisit one of the biggest franchises out there and maybe make it play a lot better than slamming your head against a brick wall.

Just imagine, Mando vs Mace Windu. Darth Maul vs Rey! Two Ewoks standing on each other’s shoulders vs Jar Jar! Star Wars could use a decent fighting game and I think its time we make it a priority.” – Kevin

Rogue Squadrons: Rogue Leader – Wii (Unreleased)

“The Star Wars game I’d like to see remastered or remade? Well, I’m cheating somewhat here but I would love to see Factor 5’s abandoned Rogue Leader Wii title revived for Nintendo Switch. The trilogy of releases on N64 & GameCube remain some of the best Star Wars Video games ever made and everything we know about the ill-fated Wii iteration points to an extremely polished offering. It was essentially a best of from the previous titles in the trilogy, all remastered and hitting 60 FPS. On the Nintendo Wii!! Just let that sink in for a moment. Throw in a slew of HD textures and you’re halfway there to a modern day remaster anyhoo. While it seemed like a pipe dream when EA were the main Star Wars players, the current power moves from Aspyr points to a changing in the Imperial guard and even the smallest glimmer of it being a possibility fill this humble hack with a new hope that just maybe, we could see this lost title find its way home.” – Kieran

Star Wars Tiny Death Star / Pocket Planes – Nimblebit

Ok, so this is a bigger stretch than Kieran’s since my remaster wish never existed in the first place. Remember that iOS hit, Tiny Tower, which was later remade as Tiny Death Star? No? Well, if you are familiar with Nimblebit, they make mobile games with cute pixelated graphics. To this day I still pick up Pocket Planes on occasion. And more times than I can count I have wished for a Star Wars version of Pocket Planes. Just imagine piloting iconic craft across a galaxy not so far away from your fingers. But better yet, put it on the Nintendo Switch! Come on Nimblebit, give Disney a call and make it happen! – Thomas

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