[Review] Super Mario 3D World [For The Beginner] – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 12/02/2020
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99
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Introducing The Super Mario 3D World Switch Review For Beginners

Mario games have delighted and entertained the world since their first entry in 1985 with Super Mario Bros.  Their vibrant, expansive, incredible worlds have been home to many nostalgic memories throughout the decades to the single player, and the player who passes the controller to another, simulating a multiplayer experience.  Nintendo, realizing the chaos and the fun that can be had, eventually decided to make these games with ON-SCREEN multiplayer, only increasing each new game’s appeal!  Well, this is one of those fine-tuned Mario adventures that is only made better by having a friend, a brother, or a trusted companion at your side to control players 2 through 4 as you hop, skip, and jump your way across the Sprixie Kingdom in Super Mario 3D World for the Switch.

They’re Not Pixies!  They’re Sprixies!


Super Mario 3D World begins with our 4 playable heroes, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, traveling along a road when suddenly, the plumber brothers notice a broken pipe!  This is a surprise to both the plumbers and the player because never in all these years of Mario Mayhem has a CLEAR pipe been seen!  Mario and Luigi get to work on fixing this new form of a somewhat familiar pipe, and actually doing their jobs for once.

After fixing the pipe, a rather large array of items pop out along with a strange flying creature!  It begins flying in circles, expressing frantic, confused emotions as if it is in some sort of danger!  It begins to explain, in well-illustrated speech bubbles that Bowser is rearing his ugly mug again and has captured this creature’s friends in jars!  Right on cue, the Koopa Bruiser pops out of the pipe, captures the green Sprixie and retreats back into the pipe!  The 4 heroes hike up their courage pants and charge in after them!  Their surprise as they travel through the strange pipe is warranted as they realize they’re not in the Mushroom Kingdom anymore.  They come out the other end and realize they’ve got a lot of work to do to save this new land and stop Bowser.

Run, Jump, Roll, Long Jump, Roll Jump, and More!

No one escapes from POTTED PIRANHA PLANT!

As you enter your first level in the first world of Super Mario 3D World and begin running, dashing, jumping, and pressing other buttons to perform different actions and forms of jumps, you realize something: there are A LOT of options for movement.  This creates a variety of options when considering how to cross gaps, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles!  Not only does this create more chaos as 4 players attempt to move from place to place, it creates an environment ripe for exploration and experimentation!  Use your favorite form of jump to move through an area, and with the new power ups like the Cat Suit and Double Cherry there is nearly limitless ability to have fun in this game.

I would like to take a second to praise the level design of this game.  Never has a Mario Brothers game felt so inclusive, felt so willing to TEACH the player whether they be familiar with basic Mario gaming or not.  Each level with a new mechanic, power-up, movement, takes the time to teach you how to use it, and how to master it.  It’s such a pleasure playing each level and seeing how creative this game got working old and new abilities together to create one of the richest Mario adventures!

Final Thoughts


Super Mario 3D World is a truly special, truly wonderful addition to the series that future Multiplayer Mario games will have a hard time topping.  While the 3D platforming may not be perfect 100% of the time, every level is fun and unique, every power-up is great, and bringing along 1-3 friends for the ride is awesome.  There will be laughs throughout your entire playthrough of this game as you collect every green star, nab every stamp, and rescue every Sprixie! 


  • Wonderful addition to the Mario games line
  • Never boring
  • Environments are beautiful
  • New Power-ups are great
  • Great level design


  • Bowser Car Battles

Super Mario 3D World is a welcome addition to the Switch’s ever growing Library! Highly Recommended!

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