[Review] Super Mario 3D World For Veterans – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 12/02/2020
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99
  • Review code provided by Nintendo

Video Review

Introducing The Super Mario 3D World Switch Review For Veterans

The world is starting to run out of reasons to insist that the Wii U is still a must buy to experience it’s exclusives.  Nintendo either wants to help us forget that beauty of a system, or they’re just working really hard to make sure their fans never lose the nostalgia of such a strange time in the company’s history.  Either way, another Wii U Gem makes the jump to the Switch and it is still a lot of fun, but there have been some changes since it’s original 2013 release. Here is our Super Mario 3D World review for veterans.



This game is hard to recommend if you already own a Wii U and the Wii U version of this game.  It’s simply another full price slight upgrade from it’s current form with very few changes between now and then.  However, playing through it again was a fantastic nostalgia trip that really brought a smile to my face every time I jumped, ran, dashed, smashed a sign, and had my brother along for the ride.  It is truly a great game that deserves the love and appreciation other Mario titles get. It just may be worth more of a revisit, rather than repurchase.

The first, and most notable change you’ll notice to this game is the speed of each character.  Upon entering world 1-1, there was an immediate and sudden realization that we were running REALLY FAST!  I’m not sure to what degree each character was sped up, but it was very noticeable.  We were playing as Mario and Luigi and we could easily notice the difference between the original game’s and this one’s speed.  We felt like we were running at Toad’s default speed, negating the need to EVER play Toad!  It was a bit of a strange change to get used to as we worked our way to Bowser’s First battle where we both zipped off the edge several times due to our increased speed and the tiny area to run on.  It was fun AND frustrating!

Captain Toad Returns!

Super Mario 3D World

The next change focuses specifically on the Captain Toad levels.  While I was never personally a fan of them, and let my brother play them when we played the original, this rerelease takes into account other players in the game and allows them to control a Toad Brigade member as well!  That means not only can you play a Mario adventure multiplayer, you can haphazardly charge into danger as the only likable Toads to grace our short existences!  Of course that also meant my brother had to do most of the work again as I still do not enjoy these courses, but that’s okay, I got to control the camera.  He enjoyed that a lot!  [he did not]

The final, and possibly smallest, change to this game comes at the expense of the microphone that was used to activate platforms and blow enemies away.  In the original, there were certain levels with very colorful platforms that you’d have to touch to raise and lower, coupled with certain platforms you’d have to blow into the microphone to move.  Well, those levels still exist, but any platforms you had to use the mic to move, are now just automatically progressing platforms.  It serves as a reminder of what we left behind to get this far, as well as just how versatile some of these levels really were!

Final Thoughts

Too much Luigi…or not enough…?

Super Mario 3D World was a gem when it released in 2013 and it graced the world with yet another Multiplayer Mario adventure where you could play as the Title character, his Brother, his on again off again girlfriend, and a high pitched sponge.  It may not be the EXACT same game we remember, and it may not be worth a re-buy, but it’s still a great adventure regardless.  If you truly miss this game enough to rebuy it, I suggest replaying it instead, or if you’ve yet to play it, we highly recommend buying it and enjoying it with a friend or 2.  It’s worth your time, it’s worth the laughs, and it’s worth getting used to the new speed of things no matter how many lives you completely waste just by running straight off the edge.


  • Wonderful addition to the Mario games line
  • Environments are still beautiful
  • Still great level design
  • Lot of fun to play with others


  • Bowser Car Battles
  • Harder to control
  • Not really worth full price

Another Wii U game makes the jump to the Switch. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough here to warrant the full $60 price tag, even if it is still a really good game.