[Review] Super Mario 64 for Veterans – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 18/09/2020
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99 (As part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars)
  • Review Code provided by Nintendo

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Introducing The Super Mario 64 Switch Review For Veterans

Super Mario 64 was a powerhouse release when it first hit our Nintendo 64s in 1996.  Playing this version only made me feel nostalgic about begging my oldest brother for a turn to play so I could use his special Red N64 controller that I ended up breaking later on.  It has stood the test of time and through it’s many rereleases, non-direct sequels, and enhanced port you have to wonder: would a Switch port work?  Does 3D All Stars capture the majesty that is Super Mario 64?

Shindou Is A Win-Though

Here We Go Again! [kind of]

Super Mario 64 is one of the greatest games ever made: hands down.  Whether you’re new to the Gaming playing field, or you’ve been playing for several years, you have to admit Super Mario 64 has some MAJOR staying power and it’s not just due to nostalgia.  The controls are iconic, the graphics are glorious, and Mario’s various screams and yells have given many a Mario fan project life all throughout the internet.  However, this version of Super Mario 64 may not be the one you’re used to.

Throughout your experience in the 3D all stars edition of Super Mario 64, you may notice certain changes besides updated graphics and new textures.  You may also notice some new sound bytes, specifically from Mario as well as the addition of a title screen Easter egg.  If you press the equivalent of the Z button, the screen will fill up with multiple Mario Faces.  These differences are because this is the Shindou version of Super Mario 64.

The Shindou version of Super Mario 64 was originally released in Japan in 1997 and featured Rumble Pak compatibility.  It also offered fixes to some bugs and glitches present in the original release as well as different translations and the noticeable absence of our favorite “So Long King Bowser” voice clip from Mario as he throws Bowser into the abyss.  This version may lead to a slightly different experience of Mario’s first 3D outing, but will not dampen the experience as you pursue the Power stars in Peach’s various paintings!

Learn Fast!

Becoming reacquainted with Super Mario 64 may take some time because while some of the textures have improved, the controls have not.  20 years of gaming have improved controls enough to offer incredibly immersive experiences and quick response times between button presses and actions occurring.  Super Mario 64 will feel slightly slower in that respect and you may fall off a few ledges before feeling like you’re getting the hang of all of this again.

However, after re-familiarizing yourself with the controls, the camera, and the movements in this game, you are in for a RIDE full of nostalgia!  You can finally play this game on your Nintendo Switch and it feels right at home even next to Odyssey.  With this titan of a game on your shelf, it can even challenge Odyssey for the title of “Best Mario Platformer On The Switch” and probably still win!  There is no shortage of fun to be had in this game as you find every star, talk to every toad, and re-figure out those tips and tricks you used to make the game easier for yourself: like stopping all the clocks in Tick-Tock Clock.  I still can’t remember how to do that one, though.

Final Thoughts

Super Mario 64 is a game about a first 3D adventure, Mario’s First 3D adventure, and it never feels like the player needs more experience in order to meet the requirements of the situations presented in this game.  This game wants you to experience each level, each jump, each movement, WITH it instead of expecting you to already be familiar with the 3D space Mario now occupies.  This was Mario’s first 3D outing and Super Mario 64 knows that, and will never ONCE make you feel like you’re an outcast for feeling like this is your first 3D Mario adventure, too!


  • Just as fun as it always has been
  • Iconic sound track and [most] sound effects return
  • Switch is perfect home for this game


  • Bowser Battles
  • Penguin races

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