[Nintendad Coffeehouse Lite] A Super Mario Galaxy 2 Retrospective

More Galaxy Galloping Good Times!


After traveling through different paintings to throw Bowser onto far away explosives and getting sand in his shoes to fight Bowser in a giant hot tub, where will Mario’s adventures take him next?  What could the next title be?  Well, when you’ve saved two separate parts of the same world, your only real choice is to…leave that world to save the Galaxy that contains that world!  Leading us to Super Mario Galaxy, and it’s vastly superior sequel: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Makin’ It Look Good!

Just Because Nintendo Forgot It Existed Doesn’t Mean The Fans Will!

Super Mario Galaxy was 2 is an absolutely impeccable game.  It took everything from the First Galaxy game and only improved it further.  Hub world traversal was way less annoying and intrusive on gameplay as you easily traveled to the different Galaxies in the game which are now on this Super Mario Bros. type map separated by different groupings called Worlds.  There are new power-ups that make their first and only appearance in Mario Lore such as the Cloud Flower, The Rock Mushroom, And the Dash Pepper.  These power-ups and still more improvements to the game made for such an incredible experience that would even be a welcome addition to 2020’s gaming releases!

Let’s talk about Co-operative play for a second, everyone.  Not only did Nintendo pump every improvement they could think of into Super Mario Galaxy 2, they also tuned up the abilities of any second player that wanted to take the Player 2 spot as Mario Traversed another several galaxies.  Player 2 was not just relegated to a cursor on screen that could stun enemies and collect star bits this time, either.  No, Player 2 got his OWN LUMA!  Co-Star Luma, yes it has a name, is a Luma that will follow Mario around, can pause enemies and Yoshi, spin to attack and defeat enemies, and collect coins as well as power-ups and One-ups!  A vastly superior departure from the on-screen reticle that Player 2 was stuck as in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and one that allowed my younger brother and I to feel like we were playing a Super Mario game together! 

I Miss Co-Star Luma

Look at him! He’s adorable!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a lot of firsts for me.  It was the first time I completed a game 100% and the first game that got me interested in playing other games until they were 100% complete.  Ordinarily, I’d play a game, beat it, and set it down.  But I was compelled to collect every Star Metal, every Green Star, and beat every Galaxy!  Not only that, Galaxy 2 doesn’t require you to beat the whole game again as Luigi to unlock the final area in the game to get the Final star.  You simply unlock a door on the Starship Mario that allows you to switch to Luigi at any time and continue from where you left off.  It was a much appreciated change from the prequel.

Being able to set Super Mario Galaxy 2 down after the perfect amount of time without having to repeat the whole game with Green Mario, with my brother satisfied as he got his own player 2-specific avatar to fight enemies with, and knowing this wasn’t the end of so many of the beloved characters born in this series, was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences of my life.  This game forever sits on my shelf as a monument to many firsts in my gaming career, a monument to Nintendo’s true potential in Super Mario adventures, and as my favourite Super Mario outing ever released.

Yes, even more than Odyssey.

Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful day.

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