[Review] Super Mario Galaxy For Veterans – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 18/09/2020
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99 (As part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars)
  • Review code provided by Nintendo

Video Review

Introducing The Super Mario Galaxy Switch Review for Veterans

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the strongest contenders for best game ever.  The set pieces, the backgrounds, the music, the sound effects, the gameplay!  All of it is blended together so perfectly, so seamlessly.  2007 has NEVER looked this good, and nothing reminds us of better times than a trip back to the early days of the Nintendo Wii for this port of another incredible Mario Adventure.

Twist And Turn And Tap And-


Any Super Mario Galaxy veteran knows the struggles of the Wii’s sensor bar and having to point at the screen to keep your reticle continuously collecting Star Bits.  Fortunately, if your Nintendo Switch is docked, the Sensor Bar will not plague your play style this time!  In Pro-Controller style, you simply move your controller to point the reticle around the place, and press R to re-center your reticle. 

While it’s strange having to twist and turn the very same controller you’re trying to make Mario jump over black holes with, it works well if you prefer to play the game with a Pro Controller.  If you’re operating with 2 separated Joy-Con, the Left Joy-Con is your mode of Reticle Control.  Press the L button to re center reticle there, too.  This way you’re only twisting one hand to soak up Star Bits instead of your whole mode of control.


Look at how beautiful this game is!

Where the controls begin to fall apart is when you want to play in handheld mode.  Unfortunately, options seemed to have been limited when you have to figure out a control scheme for a separate reticle that is used to activate Pullstars, grab Star Bits, and feed the Hungry Luma.  If you want to control the on screen Reticle, you’ll have to touch your screen which means taking your hand off of one side of your Switch.  This means you’re sacrificing movement or action control in favor of a few colorful bits of Space Dust. 

I can’t say I like this control scheme as it made me want to find a Switch Dock wherever I could just so I didn’t have to continue using touch controls.  But, what else were they gonna do?  Use the Gyro controls in handheld mode?  Replay any of Breath of The Wild’s Gyro-puzzles in handheld mode, and then tell me that would be a good idea.

Final Thoughts


Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite of the 3 games included in 3D All Stars.  While 64 has my heart for nostalgia, for the experience of learning together, for the options to beat all obstacles, and for my love of the Nintendo 64 era of games and Sunshine has the essence of the Gamecube era along with a unique play style and look.  Super Mario Galaxy will always have my heart because it was a game that not only stupefied me, but it stupefied EVERYONE!  Not only that it is still just as stupefying today.  What a fantastic game.


  • Still an incredible game
  • Mario’s controls still feel great
  • Looks fantastic docked and undocked


  • Touch Screen controls

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