[Review] Super Mario Galaxy For Beginners – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 18/09/2020
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99 (As part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars)
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Video Review

Introducing The Super Mario Galaxy Review for Beginners

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting to share with all the new players of Mario’s 3D games: the first time you experience Super Mario Galaxy!  This absolute masterpiece of video game design graced the Nintendo Wii in 2007 and since then hasn’t STOPPED being such an incredible game.  The orchestral music, the incredible environments, the new directions the Mario franchise is taken; it all blends together somewhat seamlessly to create this glorious entry in Super Mario’s adventures!

Bowser Hits The Big Time!

Don’t look at me like that

Super Mario Galaxy begins by telling a tale of a comet that flies over the Mushroom Kingdom every 100 years!  Eventually, a festival was named for the single-century happening; naming it the Star Festival.  On this day millions of meteors rain down from the sky and are combined to create Great Stars somehow.  After the tale concludes, the TRUE reason for Mario’s adventure is revealed.

Mario was invited to the castle by Princess Peach to witness the Star Festival and to give Mario a present.  It’s probably cake knowing Peach and Mario’s history.  As Mario approaches Peach’s Castle, cannonballs begin raining from the sky!  It’s Bowser and a fleet of airships coming to Kidnap the Princess again! 

Bowser trashes the courtyard and demands Peach join him at the center of the universe.  Using some strange new powers, Bowser summons a swarm of clouds and a UFO to cancel the Festival and steal Peach’s castle respectively.  Fortunately for Mario, he was able to make it to the portion of Castle that was lifted from the Earth.  Unfortunately for Mario, a Magikoopa was able to prevent Mario from getting too far.  Mario plummets to the ground below and the screen fades to black.  Leaving us to wonder what Mario’s true fate is as he re-enters the atmosphere…

Around The World, Around The World!

It’s a Boo…but even MORE adorable

Super Mario Galaxy is not only Mario’s most creative adventure to date, it is also the BIGGEST.  Mario may have traversed a castle, an island, 8 different areas, and several paintings, but he has never planet hopped before!  The amount of work that had to go into creating so many different collections of planets, comets, planetoids, and stars had to be immense considering the extra single-star galaxies you can find an unlock.  There is never a shortage of something to do in Galaxy as you launch from moon to moon.

In the original Galaxy, and it’s sequel, players would shake the Wii-mote to spin Mario which allowed him to activate Launch Stars, spin giant screws, deck enemies in the face, and fight Bowser.  Of course, the Switch doesn’t allow for a constant use of shake controls because of it’s Handheld play options.  To circumvent this, Nintendo made the best decision they could when considering New Play Controls: they allocated spinning to a BUTTON!  Yes, the Y button!  Instead of tiring your arm out, you can now just press a button to deck Goombas in the face.  You can also still shake a Joy con, but if you’re playing in handheld mode or with a Pro Controller, you can now just press Y.  It is one of my favorite changes.

As well as New Play Control for spinning, there had to be a change to the on-screen reticle as well.  The easiest way to control it is by playing with two disconnected Joy con, which allows you to play in any sitting position you desire.  Simply re-center the reticle with the R button every once in a while.  You can also play with a pro controller, which allows the Gyro controls to move the reticle.  It’s a bit strange, but it works.  The hardest way to play is arguably in handheld mode.  The reticle is touch-control based which means taking at least one hand off to collect star bits.  There weren’t many options, but having to choose between sacrificing movement or actions was probably the best way to do it, even if it’s not very well liked.

Final Thoughts

This looks like a PAINTING!


  • Spin now available as a button
  • Still a fantastic game
  • Introduced Rosalina


  • Touch Controls

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