[Interview] Talking Positivity and Podcasting with Greysun Morales

Introducing: Greysun Morales Interview

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Greysun Morales from Twinfinite to chat about his new podcast. Focusing on positivity in our industry and community, Greysun’s new show is timely in the disaster that is 2020. Check out our unabridged conversation here.

First off, can you introduce yourself quickly for any members of the Nintendad community who aren’t familiar with you and your work?

Yeah of course! My name is Greysun Morales and I’m currently working as the full-time Features Editor over at Twinfinite and I’m also the host and creator of the Positive Players podcast.

Could you give us a quick rundown on what the Positive Players Podcast is? What motivated you to create it? What format does the show take?

So obviously the world is complete s*** at the moment and I’ve wanted to create my own podcast for about a year or so now. It was hard to actually sit down and come up with an idea but once I thought about the positivity angle of it, that’s when it all clicked and I had that big “AH HAH” moment. I wanted to create a show that allowed me to speak IRL to fellow members of the gaming community, people who I find to be inspiring, generous, kind, helpful, and overall, just damn good [people] that I love to interact with on social media. It’s a short 30-45 minute, one-on-one discussion, and each episode features a different member of my community. We talk about how they got started, what they’re doing now, their favorite games, how they stay positive, and a bunch of other random topics –it’s a lot of fun and I’m having such an enjoyable time speaking with such talented folks that I don’t really get to speak to often.

Considering your role as Features Editor at Twinfinite, you work a lot with written content. Now that you have a podcast up and running and you’re working more with audio, how are you finding it? Do you prefer written content over audio/video work?

You know I’ve always been someone who’s not the best at video editing or audio editing, and prefer just writing a plain jane article. But after publishing six or so episodes now of the podcast, I’m finding myself enjoying the time I spend editing. It can be a lot of fun! And thankfully there’s just two people’s sound to worry about and not like 3-4, like some other podcasts. If you asked me whether I wanted to write a review or put together a video essay, I would much prefer the former. And Twinfinite doesn’t have much video coverage at all, so all we can as an editor is write anyways (and edit of course) haha.

Can you pinpoint the most fulfilling aspect of working on The Positive Players Podcast?

I touched on this prior but I think the best part and the most exciting part is being able to speak to people who I interact with on a daily basis, but have never actually spoken with them physically or over the interwebs. I love meeting new people and learning about their favorite games and how they got started in the industry or in whatever field that they may be in.

What do you hope the audience of the Positive Players Podcast takes away from each episode?

To hopefully keep a positive outlook on everything in life. It’s easy to hate on things and judge something before trying it out, which can lead to putting people down on things that they really enjoy. I myself have trouble keeping a positive outlook on life, so it’s a learning process for me as well. I just want people to be good to each other and if they’re ever feeling down about anything, they can always pop in an episode of the podcast and get a little relaxing 30-minute conversation into their ears.

Finally, and this is a pretty open-ended one, what does the gaming community and industry mean to you?

Without the gaming community, I probably would not be where I am today in my career. I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty incredible things when it comes to the video game industry and the community is a big part of that. I love going on Twitter and finding out what people are playing and to see thoughts on new releases that are out. I adore being part of discussions and getting to talk to my fellow Twitter users honestly makes me so happy, even though Twitter can be a ****show at times.

Thank you to Greysun Morales for his time.