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The Villagers Go Head to Head

With the one year anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons this weekend, we thought it would be fun to celebrate in a manner similar to Doom, which released the same day as this cheery life simulator. So, we’re having ourselves a bit of an Animal Crossing Hunger games! Over the past week, we here at Big Daddy Gaming had ourselves a tournament bracket to determine who’s the best of the best. This bracket will be for the villagers that we love and you can find the bracket for special characters here.

As for how our tournament was structured, it was a single elimination bracket where we pit characters head to head for the voting pleasure of our animal crossing lovers. In this case, each of our esteemed panel was able to put forward 5 villagers for selection. However, some of them don’t pay too much attention to their villagers or have particular favorites, so I filled out places that were left open with ones that I had noticed were popular among players online and a few fun wildcards to round things out. With each round, our voters were asked to give their reasons for voting the way they did, so with each elimination, we can take a peek at the nice things that were said about the contenders that just had to go. With that being said, you can see who was all contenders were from the start, now let’s take a look at who didn’t make the first cut.

The First Cut

The first round saw a huge number of 16 cuts, which included:

  • Bob
    • This one was a unanimous vote so there were no nice things said about this oft memed character…
  • Julian
    • “While he may look like a dudebro, he’s probably elegant and majestic in conversation”
  • Ahnka
    • “Love the ancient Egypt aesthetic.”
  • Molly
    • “Sweet little duckie!”
  • Dobie
    • “You don’t see many elderly villagers. I like the variety.”
  • Raymond
    • While beloved online, he wasn’t so adored by us. As one person said, “Raymond has overstayed his welcome.”
  • Tia
    • “She’s a little teapot, tall and cute!”
  • Olaf
    • “I feel like Olaf is going to put out a hit on me…”
  • Rosie
    • No nice comments for this one, sadly, but I think she’s absolutely adorable!
  • Pietro
    • “This round belongs to the clown!” It did not…
  • Aurora
    • “Penguin!!!”
  • Gaston
    • “Reminds me of an angry sitcom dad.”
  • Bangle
    • Another one with no comments as this vote was unanimous, but I have her in my town and she’s a sweetheart!
  • Eugene
    • “Cool shades”
  • Tipper
    • “A cow named Tipper. What’s not to like here?”
  • Fauna
    • “Such a sweet little cottagecore deer!”

The Second Cut

Round 2 is where things get a little more difficult. My favorite part of this round was having someone admit that they would vote for all the penguins. This round saw eight more villagers being cut away, which meant saying goodbye to:

  • Cookie
    • “A name like Cookie is a sure win.”
    • “Such a cute dog.”
    • “She’s adorable in design, and super-sweet in personality!”
  • Lionel
    • “Probably good at making artisanal coffees and scones. Could pontificate at length about the inspirations behind his mustache. I could sleep to that.”
    • “Lionel reminds me of a classic music composer”
  • Cherry
    • “My brother likes red. Cherry is red. Makes sense to me.”
    • “Cherry’s edgy goth aesthetic is really neat.”
  • Lily
    • “Lily was one of the first villagers i ever met in the series. This vote is out of Nostalgia mostly.”
  • Tangy
    • “The little leaf on Tangy’s head is so cute.”
    • “Tangy’s design just makes me smile.”
  • Audie
    • “Probably a good hugger. Likely makes her own candles but is horrible at it, still happy she tried.”
    • “Audie makes me think of Instagram influencers, which I find amusing”
    • “I love that she was based on the Animal Crossing grandma!”
  • Ribbot
    • “Robo Frog. That is why.”
  • Coco
    • “Coco looks creepy and I dig it.”
    • “I lean toward Coco only because i am AFRAID to NOT vote for them.”
    • “Coco looks so creepy, but in the cutest way – kind of like a disturbing childhood teddy-bear.”

The Quarter Final

Round 3! Now we enter the quarter finals, saying goodbye to these four beloved villagers:

  • Lucky
    • “Mummy dog all the way.”
    • “The irony of Lucky is too cute to ignore.”
    • “What horrible luck has befallen him to be covered in bandages. He deserves this win.”
  • Biskit
    • “Love Biskit’s shirt…and soulless eyes.”
    • “It’s always nice to have a fellow snack-lover as a neighbour.”
    • “Because Biskit’s eyes stared into my soul. Kind of feel he made this choice for me.”
    • “The soul searing eyes demanded the vote for Biskit.”
  • Puck
    • “He can use his name in conversation in place of swear words and I would chuckle every time.”
    • “Penguin!”
  • June
    • “I voted for June because she’s named after the month with the first day of Summer in it.”
    • June had perhaps the most silent voters where they would vote for her without leaving a comment as to why. A silent love.

The Semi-final

The semi final is upon us, narrowing the field by two to the final two. And thus, we did away with these villagers:

  • Wade
    • “Penguin!!!”
    • “Look at how ****ing happy he is. Look at his shirt, his face, his eyes. All of him. D’awwww.”
  • Apollo
    • “Apollo just screams America! And I can get behind this.”
    • “Looking majestic.”
    • “I prefer Apollo’s design.”

The Championship

The final two. I honestly love them both to bits and it’s surprising to me that Roald the wildcard was able to make it all the way here., but the love of penguins carried him though, I suppose. Let’s not forget stitches either, a well loved teddy bear of a villager that I see come up as a favorite all the time. Any island would be honored to have them both. However, after reading why we loved these two so much, you can continue down to find out who the big winner was.

  • Roald
    • “I feel like he needs constant attention or he may just walk right into the ocean.”
    • “Roald and his little flannel that looks a little too small. So adorable”
    • “He’s probably seen some stuff, and he looks hilarious.
  • Stitches
    • “Stitches just looks like a goof ball and I love it.”
    • “All votes to stitches. All of ’em.”

Our Champion!