The Five Sims 4 Expansion Packs that Boost your Game the Most | Big Daddy Digest

Alright, for those of you who are trying to dive into The Sims 4 these days, good for you! It’s a game that has a lot of potential for fun (even more so if you’re considering modding it!) and a lot of room for you to play around with. However as the game has been around for a good seven and a half years or so now, there’s been a lot of content that has been pumped out for the game in order to build on it, from free updates, to little packs, to big ones. It ca be nearly overwhelming to take it all in, which is why we’re going to give you a little insight into what might be worth it to add to your game to get some bang for your buck. The largest type of an addition that you can by is the Expansion Pack and there are eleen of those, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 most vital ones that will give you the most bang for your buck!

5. Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs is one of the expansions that people were asking for like crazy before it released and it is one of the ones that you’re going to want to pick up if you want to add some pets to your game. However it’s a divisive one to be sure. That’s the reason it’s taking the fifth spot. Those who love it, really love it, but those who don’t connect with the gameplay aren’t going to find much to love here. Not to mention, many see it as a downgrade from the pets pack that was released for Sims 3. Not to mention that the My First Pet stuff pack that was basically DLC for a DLC didn’t help the reputation of this pack and how some people view it as unfinished.

So, if it’s so controversial, why is it even here? Well, if you want to have pets in your game, this is how you’re getting them! The cats and dogs of the game are very cute and while you can’t directly control them like other sims, that only makes it feel like your typical pet experience, since you’re not going to be able to control a real life pet either. If you’re not into pets, this one likely isn’t going to have much of an impact for you since it’s all about either having a furry friend or being a vet to them for the most part. However, the items that come with the pack for clothing and homes are wonderful for building the seaside bungalow of your fantasies.

It’s ultimately one of those packs that it’s really going to be up to you to judge if it suits what you want in your games, but if you want to have a pet, this is likely the one for you.

4. City Living

When you pick up this pack, it’s going to be for a few things, living in the city, a handful of new careers, and expanded nightlife. If these are what you value, then this is the pack for you. The most sparking new addition that comes with this pack was the introduction of apartment living, from small studio to high rise penthouse. While other packs have had apartments since, it’s never been to the scale of San Muyashino’s apartment based city. You can really go to town building yourself a pair of roommates and… is that rug covering the outline of a body?

The other additions are the way that the nightlife is expanded with the addition of festivals and festival spaces. These are spaces where you get to do unique experiences each time that they happen and bring a little more life to the public spaces. There are five and I would be lying if I said that doing them every time that you do them they’re going to be completely different. If you’ve done them once, you’ve basically seen what they have to offer, but they serve as a nie way to get your sims out there and meeting people or bonding with those they already know!

3. Cottage Living

Many of us dove into fantasies of the cottagecore life while we were all trapped inside over the pandemic, so this release last year couldn’t have been better timed. Perhaps I am biased because I love the beautiful world that was included with the pack, but it’s hard not to be when the world has unique systems for getting to know the locals of the town, live off the land, and befriend animals.

Yes, this is another pack that included animals in it, though these ones are less pet and more production as the main focus is getting to do some faring and ranching, just in case you wanted some Stardew Valley in your sims for a little bit. It’s also possible to be less than friendly to the animals too and end up getting killed by chickens or rabbits, a truly horrible fate. 

It also helps that the world is well designed and has a lot of charm to it, with the spaces for you to live in being delightful and the already existing families having their own drama to deal with. Not to mention the deign sensibilities of the pack make it easier to pretend that you’re living a medieval peasant life without the need for any mods, if you’re really missing the old Sims Medieval days.

2. Get Together

Get together is another one that was expending on life in the sense of getting out and going places. The fact that dancing is now a skill that you can build up an enhance is more of a highlight than you would think when it comes to giving nightlife at the club some fun. This is before getting into how Windenburg is one of the prettiest worlds that the game has to offer and the clothing and items included with the game are one of the great benefits. The only downside is that there are not a ton of gameplay features added as this is one of the earlier expansion packs that was offered.

On the other hand, you also get the clubs system which is indispensable. For some of you that might not sound all that interesting, I know. After all, clubs sound like something that it would be simple to just completely forget about. However that’s not the case because your club doesn’t have to just be a club. Have a few families all living in different households that make planning events a bit of a pain? No problem, just make them all be in a club and start a club meeting to get the whole family together. It’s a system that’s a lot more versatile that it seems at first glance and can really smooth out the gameplay in places.

1. Seasons

Of course this one has to be on top. Look, I love a wacky pack as much as the next person but if you’re looking for some passage of time in your life simulation game, this is the way that you’re going to get it. The most obvious addition that Seasons makes is that it brings weather to each and every one of the worlds in the game, giving a reason to have appropriately warm and cool clothing on your sims. You’ll have storms and sunny days now with a forecast to boot, so you have better be careful about when you’re setting up that wedding or family reunion. You don’t want Uncle Gabe getting hit by lightning, do you?

If you’re interested in playing the life of a family with all their traditions being passed on from one generation to the next, then this is perfect for you because not only are there holidays that your sims can take part in, but you’re able to completely build your own from scratch if you so choose, with everything visible neatly in the calendar. (The calendar has made it’s way into the base game these days, but it still has much greater functionality if you have this pack installed.) While Seasons didn’t bring any new worlds or anything with it, it will change the texture of all the ones that already exist by bring a fresh coat of pain in with the changing seasons.