The Nintendad GOTY awards 2020

It’s certainly been a year! When it comes to games, and more specifically, Nintendo Switch games, it’s been interesting to see developers react to real-world events. We might not have had the best slate of 1st-party content, but there is no denying that smaller indie studios have used their time at home to great effect.

Here at Nintendad Manor, we’ve all sat down and bashed heads, debated en mass and come away with our own winners for specific categories. Do you agree with our choices?

In all honesty though, this page is just somewhere to land the phenomenal video that our very own James has put together. So just watch it, OK?!

Game of the Year

Indie Darling

Biggest Surprise

Biggest Disappointment

Best Co-op Game

Best Family Game

Best Port/Remaster

Most anticipated Title 2021

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