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Hellena Taylor took to Twitter early October with a claim of only being offered $4,000 to reprise her role as the titular Umbra Witch, Bayonetta, for the now released Bayonetta 3. This statement threw the internet in a frenzy, wanting statements from Nintendo and PlatinumGames on the issue and wondering how the lead of a multi-million dollar franchise could be offered so little. (Though at the same time seeming to forget that the main voice actor of Grand Theft Auto 4 received a rather small sum when you consider the billion dollar success that game was.)

If that was all there is to the story, we frankly wouldn’t be here. Yes, the original claim would have been an amazing stepping off point to discuss how the industry treats voice actors and how their union needs to do better for them as a whole. I mean, why are they not receiving similar benefits in their field as they would if they were voice acting for a movie anyway? That however is not where this story stopped, as the following weeks would prove rather revealing for Miss Taylor. So, join me as we wrap up this saga of the forgotten witch.

The Boycott Declaration

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As I led with earlier, this all started early October. Hellena Taylor posted a video to her Twitter calling out Nintendo and PlatinumGames for offering her $4,000, barely two months rent, to voice the entirety of Bayonetta 3. This threw the internet more into a rage, as not only did they feel this amount was way too low for such an important role to the game, but the fact that PlatinumGames seemed to be rather dismissive to the entire thing, essentially stating that they split due to unforeseen differences,

Instead of supporting the game, and how Taylor claimed these companies treated her, she called for a boycott of Bayonetta 3. Instead requesting that people take that money and give it to charity, which we will get back to here in a bit. All fine and good if we stopped here, but of course the story couldn’t end here. The flames of the internet were lit and people were already digging into these claims to see how true they really were, which they had to as both sides at this time were not sharing anything substantial to back up their claims.

The Truth of the Role

If I told you that it only took a few days of digging to discredit Taylor’s claims, would you be shocked? Because when no one offered up hard evidence I wasn’t shocked to see that Taylor had fudged the truth a fair bit to gain her spotlight, which I am sure she might be regretting a bit now.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier did some digging and found out that Taylor was originally offered $15,000 to voice the role, which to me is still too small for a multi-million dollar franchise, but if my math is correct, is a far bit more than the originally claimed $4,000. The article also stated that this was supposed to be paid out over a handful of voicing sessions, but Taylor would come clean and claim this part wasn’t true.

As I said, Taylor would eventually come clean that she fudged the truth in order to raise the dispute to a higher standing on the internet and get her message out there. However, those that were in support of her were quickly turning on her now, because she lied about the whole thing, when she honestly could have told the truth and many people would have been equally upset.

But where did that $4,000 in the original statement come from you might be wondering? Well, turns out she was offered a cameo role in the game despite not being able to come to an agreement on her original role. That is what she was offered for a small cameo within Bayonetta 3, but she claims to have turned that down, seeing it as an insult.

Now, this is where I thought the story was going to end. Seems pretty complete after all right? Well, the internet wasn’t done digging into Taylor yet. Now that she had the spotlight on her, it started to reveal things that she probably would have rather stay hidden.

Donate to Who Now?

I told you that we would cycle back to the charity portion and here we are. So Taylor decided to specifically lists charities in which she personally feels strongly about and has supported in the past. For the most part, her list seems pretty standard. Charity for animals, health care in lower income areas, even a pizza fund for students at an arts school to support upcoming talent. But, there was one that struck out and caused people to dig even deeper and that was Billboards 4Life.

To save you the trouble of searching them up, Billboards 4Life exists to just plaster billboards with anti-abortion rhetoric. Which, most, including us over at BDG, would see as a bit of a problem. Revealing that she has supported this charity interested others who were already digging through her Twitter and criticising her for the types of posts she likes, which all tend to be rather right-winged ideology based.

That is not to say that you can’t have whatever political beliefs you like…you know except for those who listen to our podcast Into the Multi-Voice would know where we stand on a lot of issue plaguing the world. But having lied, just left a sour taste in most people’s mouths following the drama. So, oh boy, did Taylor get her spotlight, and I can’t imagine she will be voicing much in the near future as a result.

The Aftermath

What was the result of all of this in the end? Well, Taylor got found out and certainly found her “fame” as I said. An innocent voice actor, Jennifer Hale who replaced Taylor as Bayonetta, got berated online when she in fact has no idea about any of this prior to taking the job and is probably the most innoncent party invovled in this entire mess. And instead of rising the discussion of better treatment of not just voice actors, but everyone in the games industry to the forefront, it got buried under the rest of the story.

Perhaps though, unions might actually start stepping up for the games industry, as we have seen happening throughout this year. But I will say that Taylor did not help this discussion.