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THQ Nordic put on quite a spectacle at Gamescom 2019. Before entering the cinema they had set up, to see a 45 minute direct style movie announcing their upcoming games, I was offered beverages and food from a silver service trained waiter adorning an apron embossed with THQ. Chocolate cheesecake and black coffee in hand, I sat down in an air conditioned mini cinema (minema?) with 3 other members of the press to see what THQ had up their sleeve. The video itself was very well made. The male and female host both engaging and humorous as they took us through the line up. Whilst not everything shown was heading to Nintendo Switch, there was enough on show to keep me interested. Read on as I summarise what THQ Nordic will be bringing to Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is the upcoming prequel to the popular Darksiders franchise, and it’s coming to Switch. While previous iterations drew comparisons to the post Ocarina of Time Zelda games, Genesis is a departure from that formula. This time, you play as Death and Strife as you look to take down Lucifer himself. Because, reasons. With our anti-protagonists being horsemen, it would make sense that they can ride horses. THQ haven’t dissapointed, as you will be able to traverse the games environments on horseback, should you wish. 

The trailer shown didn’t really show off too much gameplay, certainly nothing running on the Nintendo Switch. What it did show was some spectacular cinematic set pieces, which were, in my opinion, marred slightly by the voice acting. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible, it just felt a little odd and out of place that all the voice cast had thick hollywood accents.

That aside, Darksiders Genesis is shaping up to be another stellar entry in the Darksiders series and will release later in 2019.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Everybody’s favourite sponge is back. Plankton has been up to no good and raised an army of out of control robots who are raising havoc in Bikini Bottom. It’s up to Spongebob, Squidworth, Gary et all to save the… sea….

Wait, you already know the story. Of course you do, as SB BFBB is a remaster of one of the most highly regarded Spongebob games ever made. 

In the remaster, everything looks utterly adorable, full of colour and charm. I can only imagine that this title will shine in handheld mode on Nintendo Switch. While the gameplay looks a little dated, there’s no denying that the staying power of Spongebob Squarepants will make this title a must buy for kids and adults alike when it releases in 2020.

One hand clapping

A game that took me completely by surprise was One hand Clapping. It’s essentially a platformer, but instead of using traditional controls, you use your voice to progress. You are given notes that you must reach in little tutorials sections and once they’re all activated, you can use them as inputs to advance through the stages. It’s a completely intuitive idea, the kind of thing you know Nintendo look at and say, ‘Oi, Shigeru, why didn’t we make this?’

One hand Clapping actually started as a project by students, but after winning a plethora of awards, it really comes as no surprise that a major publisher picked it up.

One hand clapping was, ‘hand’ down, the star of the show. This title is brimming with creativity and will, make no mistake, be on the lists of gamers must buy lists when it releases in 2021.

Thanks to THQ for taking the time to show me their upcoming games. And for the cheesecake…

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