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Introducing Toodee and Topdee Steam Review

The puzzle platforming adventure that spans several dimensions is here, and you can bring a friend along for the ride! Take on the role of Toodee, a Second Dimensional traveling figure with the abilities to run and jump. And Topdee, a Third Dimeinsional traveling figure with the abilities to push blocks, lift blocks, guide enemies away, run on the background panel, and solve most puzzles on his own! You’ll switch between these two characters to solve puzzles and save the universe from the dimensional walls collapsing in on themselves! So let’s leap into our review of Toodee and Topdee for Steam.

Aleph Said “LIFE” And So It Was

Argue with the Creator, catch these hands.

In the beginning, there were only stars. Until Aleph, the creator, decided to create life. From several words, he spoke life into the few worlds he created. As with most life creation, there are mistakes. These are called Glitches. To keep the Glitches in line, and keep track of the life Aleph created on each world, he also created an assistant named Toodoo. Unfortunately, TooDoo came to the realization that his services would no longer be needed as soon as the worlds Aleph created were full of life. To stop Aleph from firing him, Toodoo stole the one thing keeping the universe together: the Semicolon!

As it happens, the Semicolon held together more than the universe, it also held up the walls between dimensions, kept a corrupting virus from infecting things, and barred Glitches from interfering with the life Aleph created. You soon discover these things as the Second Dimensional traveler, Toodee and the Third Dimensional Traveler Topdee, begin to inhabit the same world. Glitches begin to appear to ‘guide’ our heroes, and the corruption overtakes the guardians of the Semicolon. The 2 heroes of this story have a LOT more to solve than puzzles in this dimension-shifting adventure.

Toodee Jumps, Topdee Does…Everything Else

Technically, it’s winking at you.

This reviewer was lucky enough to have a trusted companion along for the ride to take on the roll of Topdee and operate on the 3D plane to help complete puzzles.

Within the first minute of the game handing control over to the player(s) it’s made very clear who controls what and what both characters can do. Toodee, the 2D character can run from side to side, jump and… that’s it. Topdee can run along the background panel, pick up blocks, push blocks, guide enemies toward them, move objects around to create platforms for Toodee to jump on, and pretty much solve most puzzles on their own. Using the switch button, players can switch between these two characters on their respective planes of existence to do the one thing there is to do with this kind of game: solve puzzles!

Toodee and Topdee rarely contribute the same amount to solving a puzzle. Most are one character being trapped, or moving a small amount toward a door that will unlock when the other completes the puzzle almost completely alone. This makes the game feel less like a collaborative effort between two players, and more like the weight of the solve shifts sporadically between the two characters. As the Toodee character, I felt more like an audience while my brother, operating as Topdee completed most puzzles on his own.

The one part of this game that felt truly unique were the bosses. Not to worry, these are still puzzle based, and will make you want to play with the options menu to give yourself an extra hit or two. In most cases, it involves Toodee collecting keys to unlock Topdee’s movement. Or allow Topdee to do his part to hit the boss. While this may not sound like much, these bosses do feel like a measure of all you’ve learned. They aren’t particularly mind-bending in how you hit them. Sure they may drain your patience, but they feel like more than sized up enemies. They’re the challenge this game should have had more of instead of radically shifting the majority of the work between the two title characters.

Final Thoughts

That looks dangerous

Toodee and Topdee truly feels like a unique take on the puzzle genre.  Not only that, it’s one that a second player can join in on and help solve as opposed to being in the peanut gallery offering hints via ‘maybe you should try’ or ‘how about you put this here’. While most puzzles will place Toodee in that seat, the bosses will really help both characters shine using their respective abilities! Also, please check out the options menu, there are things you can turn on to make this game easier and we recommend messing with them. Give yourself an extra hit, an extra jump, or make yourself invincible. This game was designed for fun, not frustration.


  • Options menu is incredibly helpful
  • Options menu allows for easy play
  • Much more fun to play with 2 players
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Fun boss battles


  • Toodee never really get to shine, feels more like interactive audience member
  • Topdee is main solver of puzzles
  • Rarely feels like collaborative effort


This Puzzle Platformer feels more like an intricate escort mission where Topdee is regularly rescuing or solving puzzles for Toodee.

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