WarioWare: Get It Together | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Intelligent Systems Co, LTD, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 10/09/2021
  • Price: £39.99 / $49.99

Video Review

Introducing: WarioWare: Get It Together! Review

The next installment in the WarioWare series finally lands on the Switch in a tempest of microgames, fart jokes, nose-picking, garlic, and characters you won’t recognize if you haven’t played the last 3 games!  Don’t worry, though, you’ll get familiar with all these faces real fast when you TAKE CONTROL OF THEM!  That’s right, this time you’re not controlling a sentient item, or mashing A to make a cartoon throw a heavy object.  This time, you take control of Wario and his friends to complete microgames, fight bosses, and compete against your friends in what may be the best installment of the WarioWare series to date!



WarioWare: Get it Together’s story begins in Diamond City where WarioWare Inc. is located.  Wario can be seen with his familiar smile and big pink nose, fawning over the small game system he and his employees/friends have finally finished.  While they all distract themselves, Wario proclaims their latest and greatest game complete!  The friends he took advantage of, the demons he employed, the witch he likely tricked into working for him, the ninja masters he distracted, the alien he abducted, the mechanics he probably bribed, the scientists he bothered, the mother he blackmailed, literally Dan Avidan, and the child labor he took advantage of culminate in this Gameboy sized system with a poop button.

Unfortunately, mashing the Poop Button doesn’t seem to make the system work and Wario furiously discards the piece of junk.  Double bad news, the system has a mind, and mouth, of its own.  Taking advantage of it’s now ascended position, it proceeds to shrink and inhale all of WarioWare Inc. into its luscious lip-clad maw.  We watch as all of Wario and his employees become these adorable characters and enter the unknown mouth of danger and so, the adventure begins.    Within the game world, you will take control of Wario who, in a rare show of empathy, will attempt to rescue his employees and friends.  Each character comes with a pile of microgames they designed that have been corrupted by some sort of bug and it is your job to beat the boss and go bug hunting.  Assemble your best crew, pay attention, and hurry because you don’t have a lot of time to smack that object, hypnotize that person, or break that piggybank.

Micro Games, Major Fun

We don’t really understand either

As with every other WarioWare game, there several dozens of Microgames to entertain you for 4-10 seconds before the next one is thrown at you and you have to complete another simple task.  For the first few, this is rather easy, the difficulty comes around as your time gets shorter, your character gets faster, and your time to think about what you need to do shortens drastically!  Get It Together is no different in this regard except you can now complete most of these with A FRIEND!  You can bring a friend along on your Story Mode adventure to help you complete these games, fight bosses, and save Wario’s Game!

One of the pivotal additions to this installment is Characters!  You are no longer a ghost operating a butterfly net, a boy attempting to do pushups, or just Wario punching a steel ball until it flies all the way around you.  You can play as Mona, Ashley, Crygor, and more.  Every character has different abilities and movement options to increase or decrease the difficulty of each microgame to your liking!  You can make everything difficult by playing as a constantly jumping character like Kat or Ana, or you can take the stress off by playing as a flying character like Wario or Mona!

Speaking of characters, you can use their many abilities to not only complete Microgames together with a friend, you can compete in several multiplayer modes in which microgames give you the advantage, where one player can attempt to mess up another player’s completion of a microgame, and where you team up to fight off waves of baddies!  There are several ways Get It Together played with the in and out of Migrogame gameplay that make this installment more than just another WarioWare game.

The Boredom Sets In

Guide heavily suggested.

WarioWare: Get It Together is at its peak while playing through the story mode.  There is no shortage of entertainment as microgames flash on and off screen and you, or you and a friend, do your best to stay alive long enough to take on a boss.  You’ll come off the campaign eager to play a bit more and unlock more of the game.  Well, if you’re into cosmetics, color changes, and voice changers, then this next bit is for you!

After you complete the main campaign, play every single Party Mode, and place in the ranked online mode, you can venture over to the Crew Menu.  In here, you can offer your Crew “prezzies” which are just items you can get from Gatcha machines.  Each “Prezzie” will be liked by each character a certain amount and fill up a bar on screen.  As the bar fills, the character’s title will change and another thing will be unlocked for that character be it a color, a special color set, or one of 5 pieces of art.  This grinds the game to a halt as you grind for achievements and currency to buy more Gatcha eggs to give your crew prezzies.  It will bore the single player and keep the multiplayers entertained for a few more modes before you realize you need a guide to figure out who likes what and how many points it fills their individual bars.

Final Thoughts

I am very afraid.

Get It Together is a fun game, perhaps the best in the series so far.  While this reviewer does not enjoy online ranked modes and will not be grinding to get the gold costume for each character, I do feel like this game is a complete experience.  Its polished, not too long campaign and its several party modes will keep you coming back to this game in the future.  This isn’t one you’ll set on your shelf for long because its quick play, poppy colors, adorable character design, hundreds of ways to complete each 7 second game, and the craziness that happens when you bring friends along make this an experience worth picking back up several times over.


  • Very fun
  • Even better with a friend
  • Party modes are varied and interesting
  • Controls are quick to pick up
  • Character designs
  • Basic art


  • Rather boring after main campaign is finished
  • Prezzie system only for cosmetics, nothing else
  • Online rank mode is hollow


Get It Together is probably the best installment in the WarioWare series with many ways to play, and many ways to watch it fall apart when your friends get together.