Discussion | What Would Make A New Switch Worth It?

I’m sure a lot of you out there have heard at least some of the rumors floating around regarding a newer and more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch. None of these rumors really had any grounds to them until a report hit news sites this week with Bloomberg, a website that doesn’t deal in rumors” announced that Nintendo is working on an upgraded console with a 7 inch OLED screen and potential 4K docked support. Given that we don’t know much besides these two things, the world at large has begun to speculate what other upgrades might be coming to Nintendo’s powerhouse of a handheld.

For sure, we here at Big Daddy Gaming have a few requests that could make the upgraded console something to finally rival its competition. Because if I know Nintendo they certainly enjoy listening to their fans! So let’s jump in.

Let’s Get Organized

Lordy, I have so many games. Like, frig. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to sort what I have in my library, but I miss the best way to organize what I have: Folders. Ever since the 3DS and WiiU we’ve had simple folders that we could use to organize things so much more effectively. I mean, I just started playing my WiiU again after all this time and it’s so nice to be able to open a folder and just have all my SNES games organized nicely. How hard could that be, really?

This is something small, but powerful when it comes to increasingly large libraries in the digital age. I mean, I know my collection of digital games is bigger than most, but I would love to have it organized in a way that makes it faster to access. But speaking of the menu, there’s something I’m really hoping makes the cut…

Themes And Other Themes

The menu on the Switch is so barren and sad. Where are the great songs like we had with the Mii Channel, the Wii Shop channel and even the little menu jingles of the main screen? The Switch is so utterly devoid of any of the character and charm that their last two main home consoles had and I miss it. Maybe we get some little menu ambiance with this new revision and we can finally feel a little more at home when we play the Switch. C’mon, Nintendo. Jingles and stuff are your forte.

I mean, they could even do what they did with the Wii U and the 3DS with custom themes on the home screen and eShop. It used to be that occasionally there would be actual Nintendo songs playing on your home screen for the 3DS and on the WiiU eShop. It was so great and it would go a long ways to helping their customer base feel like their consoles were special in their own way. It was fun. I miss it.

Multi-Console Mayhem

Something that will probably become more of a common reality for people buying the Super Switch Pro Advance Deluxe is that people will have multiple consoles in the home and that raises some frustrating problems. See, if you have your profile logged into multiple consoles then if the primary console your profile is logged in to starts playing a game, any other profiles that are playing games under that profile are logged out. It’s a pretty basic anti-theft maneuver so that you can’t just have friends who are freeloading off of your purchases. But how frustrating would it be to have a digital game on “the kid’s console” when you want to play it on “the good console”?

I submit that a better family network plan for consoles needs to be in place. Maybe there needs to be some form of permanent approval for consoles so that this can be fixed. Maybe it would be something where you can register multiple consoles and then your account is valid on all of them. Anyways, it needs to happen.

Drifting Apart

We have to talk about the Joy-Con if we’re gonna talk about any kind of upgrade for the Switch. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Joy-Con as an idea. You immediately get two controllers for multiplayer right out of the box, but we all know how bad the drift gets on those bad boys. Maybe a more ergonomic grip on the individual controllers would be nice. Maybe make the joy sticks a bit more comfortable on the hands. All I’m saying is that the Joy-Cons aren’t even in the same league as the Pro Controller, and it shows.

I would hope that with what will undoubtedly be an increased price tag we, the consumers, would be able to get something more along the lines of a controller in the same vein as the Xbox Elite controller. Make the price tag a little higher if you need to, but if I’m going to be playing your console for a long time, make it comfortable.

The Weirdest Chatroom They Ever Made

Man, something I didn’t expect to see happen again would be the demand for Miiverse to come back. Give us a way to message other people in a weird, non-moderated bizarre hellscape again. There was nothing like Miiverse. The drama! The intrigue! All of the 9 year-olds saying the weirdest things! Maybe it’s time to bring it back. I mean, if Nintendo brought back SwapNote, maybe Miiverse deserves another chance.

What’s In A Name?

We have to talk about the biggest thing when it comes to this new model – the name. Every re-release of a console got a new name that fit what it did and what it brought to the table. The 3DS got a bunch (2DS, New 3DS, New 3DSXL), the Wii had the Wii Mini, and the Gameboy Advance got the Micro and the SP. So what do we do for the Switch? Do we go for the New Switch Deluxe Plus Pro Advance SP XL? I mean, we could, but let’s think about this like our good man Kieran did a few weeks ago. What components do we have to work with? Let’s think about it:

  • Size based: XL, Mega
  • Power: Ultra, Pro
  • Additives: Advance, Super, Deluxe

With these in mind, I don’t like the idea of calling it the Switch Pro, as that feels like Sony’s thing. Microsoft took X, S and Elite so those are out. I don’t think XL is going to happen as that seemed distinctly related to the DS series of consoles. I’m thinking we’re going to see a Switch Plus or Switch Deluxe (because EVERYTHING is Deluxe to Nintendo), but I think Super Switch and Switch Advance are the coolest options for the console name that we see going forward.

Well folks, that’s about what we have for things we would like to see in the Switch. What do you want to see in the new iteration? Streetpass? Online play that doesn’t kind of really suck? What do you think is getting added (if anything)? Yell at us in the comments and tell me how wrong I am for thinking folders and themes are a must. Obviously we need Nintendo Land Deluxe.

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