Yesterday’s News Today | A New Challenger

Of all the things I expected to drop this month, I did not expect to have Valve joining the console scene. There’s some hefty stuff happening in the fighting game scene too, so this week was a DOOZY. Let’s dig in, friends.

Nickelodeon Enters the Fray

Rumored for the last few days, we finally got a look at the Nickelodeon fighting game that was leaked accidentally from Gamefly of all places. We were introduced to Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl, a Smash-like platform fighter that stars a slew of cartoon headliners from Nickelodeon’s entire catalog. Sure, Spongebob is there and a few characters from the critically acclaimed Loud House, but Powdered Toast Man from Ren & Stimpy is in there! So far the roster is respectable and varied from Reptar (who I will be EXCLUSIVELY playing) to Invader Zim with several other characters show in a silhouette heavy cover for the game. The game is developed by the same folks who made Slap City, so if nothing else, the game will be fun and crazy.

Secondly, the game has been confirmed to have rollback netcode, which is hilarious that a smaller Smash Bros game gets to have better online playability than its multi billion dollar counterpart. People are salty, but genuinely excited for this new game! I know that I will be playing the crap out of it when I can wrap my greasy hands on it. I am VERY excited.

Game And Watch

In a strange crossover, Nintendo got together with TAG Heuer, a fancy watch company, and announced that they would be making a high end Mario watch for reasons that I cannot even begin to fathom. The watches are a limited edition of only 2000 units, so if you want one they’re already sold out. Like, don’t get me wrong, the watch looks nice and would certainly be cool to have, but I’m not really a guy to wear watches these days. I mean how much could it be, right? Oh… TWENTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS? Who is this marketed towards? Apparently either some scalpers decided that this is the hill they’re going to die on, or a bunch of folks decided that they want the fancy Mario watches. Whatever. This is a thing that certainly happened.

But Still No Persona 5 on Switch?

Persona 25th anniversary project artwork

Atlus announced that there will be a Persona even celebrating the game’s 25th anniversary which is pretty exciting! Not only is that exciting, but the company also announced that there are SEVEN projects in the works! That’s a lot of anything when you’re talking about a single franchise, but the biggest thing that has been confirmed so far would be the announcement of Persona 6. Atlus is trying to make a game that exceeds Persona 5, a game that was so good they released it twice AND made a musuo game out of it too! I mean, it feels like any RPG fan out there today has at least some interaction with Persona 5, so their work is certainly cut out for them. We should hear more soon as the event is planned to happen as far as “Autumn 2022”, so just look forward to having cool Persona news for a year+. Sick.

Netflix Is Pressing Start

Whoa! Netflix wants to start getting into game development! There’s a lot of questions as to what this would exactly mean or how it would be set up, but it sounds like some things are falling into place on their end. Now, as to what extent this will be into the realm of traditional plug and play games is unknown, but during our most recently recorded (but not out until tomorrow) episode of Into the Multi-voice (the BDG podcast which I am a part of and you should TOTALLY listen to) we talked about what we think it might be. We’re hoping it’s a division of those interactive shows like Bandersnatch or the TV edition of Minecraft’s Story Mode. It would be cool to see more things like that and I hope they even adapt some of the other Telltale games that have come out over the years. Truly, it would be my hope. We’ll see! The only news we really have with anything concrete is that apparently the iOS version of Netflix supports a dualsense controller. IT’S SOMETHING!

Showing Off The New Deck

Steam came out of NOWHERE this week with their bombshell announcement of the Steam Deck, a Switch-styled handheld that functions as a mobile PC set up to play your Steam library. This thing looks pretty big (and a little weird and awkward) but also like it’ll be a pretty big deal when it hits shelves this winter. Essentially, the beast of a handheld is equipped with two joysticks, four face buttons, a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons and two Steam Controller styled touch pads. The real estate on that face is a touch crowded, but not too crazy. The price point is where people are starting to get some worries. With three models presented ranging from the more affordable model at $400 to the biggest, baddest model at $650, there’s certainly a big range of choosing what you want out of the system. The cheapest version only has 64GB of memory, but is expandable with Micro SD, and the most expensive model has an anti-glare screen and 512GB SSD installed. I’m… not sure I need it, but it would really be nice.

Pre-orders went live today and Steam nearly shut down with the traffic, and understandably so. If this thing works like we all want it to, this is a huge deal! The jury is still out on how it will all work out in the end, but Valve certainly got a lot of support for their big handheld that could. Keep your eyes peeled for this thing in the next 6 months. This is gonna be big.

The Rest of the Garbage

So, I feel like I’m going to start a little section down here at the bottom where I talk about the little stories that either you’ve already probably heard a million times over the week or stories that I could not care any less about, but I feel like they should be at least mentioned a little bit. Here’s this weeks garbage.

  • Ninja is now a playable character in Raid Shadow Legends. This combines two things that I can certainly do without: Ninja, and Raid Shadow Legends. Moving on.
  • Pokemon Unite is hitting consoles on July 21. Cool. We’ve talked about this game enough.
  • Google tried to increase the revenue sharing for Stadia to try and get more people to give them games to put on the service nobody cares about. Guys, just let it go. This is not your forte.
  • A copy of Mario 64 sold for 1.5 million dollars. Nobody needs to pay that much money for a game, no matter how good the condition is. The game is cheap as free because Nintendo has released it a jillion times. This is stupid and it’s just a way to get fancy rich boys to inflate an already expensive market. Shame on them, this is stupid.

And that’s it! Another week of pretty big stuff! I’m loving where this is going in terms of magnitude. New cool stuff is fun to see and more fun to talk about. Seriously though, I’m going to play a LOT of Nicktoons All Star Brawl.