Yesterday’s News Today | A Tale of Two Evil (And One Neutral Evil) Empires

Awwwww man, another week and another smattering of news! Some of those things were done by terrible people who do terrible things! See if you can find out who is who.

The Biggest Duty

The week starts out well enough with Activision announcing the newest Call of Duty: Vanguard. And this is… fine. Sure, it looks pretty as ever, but when it’s all said and done it just feels like another CoD that releases every year. It’ll be fine and people will buy it by the boat loads and Activision will keep getting richer. Ugh. It is what it is. However, the biggest thing (and I mean BIGGEST) is the friggin’ file size. Seriously, 240 GB on this thing? That’s half a PS5’s entire hard drive. Activision, you gotta figure out how to stop this. At this point it’s a deal where you’re gonna have a game that you can’t install on most PCs. Get your act together. YEESH.

Disney Makes a GREAT Choice

On a happier side of things, let’s turn our eyes to another evil empire and the evil empire they’re making stuff about. I’m talking about Disney announcing a new series called Star Wars Visions, which finally takes the hint from the Cartoon Network microseries and makes Star Wars into a daggum anime. The series will drop on September 22nd and it’s already looking amazing. When it’s not flashy, it’s beautiful. I haven’t been this excited for Star Wars since Episode VII. Given, I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars myself, but a Star Wars ANIME makes me VERY excited.

Acting A Little Sus

Alright, it was only a matter of time. Fortnite announced a new gameplay mode this week called “Imposters” and if you don’t already know where this is going then I’m not sure where you’ve been for the last few months. The new mode pits ten players against each other and in true Among Us style, someone starts betraying people. It’s literally just Among Us/Mafia/Werewolf/Town of Salem/etc. Innersloth even came forward and made a statement about it saying in essence, “Look, it’s not like our idea was even that original, but we made it our own thing. You guys barely even tried to make it look like you didn’t copy us”. Hilarity. I mean, I can’t play Among Us as a giant banana or Rick Sanchez, but this all feels a little gross.

Presenting Al Manner Of Pokemon

Right! There was a whole dang presentation on Pokemon this week! So what did we get? Well, after the fluff at the beginning (Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Cafe Remix) we got a presentation on…

  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl
    • It looks great like it always did! Everything is cute and lovely and like it’ll be a good time. Emphasis was put on making cool underground hideouts and all that good stuff. It’s literally just Diamond and Pearl again. Maybe I missed the boat on this, but people loved this game. Good on ya. Let’s talk about the good stuff. Stuff like…
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus
    • Here’s the moneymaker. So, we got a much better look at this game and it looks RAD AS HECK. Wild pokemon can not only be caught like they always have been, but now they can attack YOU, the trainer, if you can’t defend yourself. Real time combat seems to be more of a thing and there’s a speed vs power mechanic that looks pretty fun. New Hisuian forms showed up in the form of a new Growlithe who looks cute as heck. New evolutions for Basculin (Basculegion) and Stantler (Wyrdeer) showed up too. This game looks sick as heck and I want it immediately. January can’t be here fast enough.

Lastly, it looks like a new Pokemon themed Switch Lite is coming out too! It looks nice (and even seems to be a carbon copy of the DS design they did ages ago! WHOOPS!

Gamescom Has Some Spicy Stuff

This next week is Gamescom, which is like a mini E3 situation, is dropping next week! There’s gonna be some great announcements and my excitement for it is certainly picking up some steam on my radar. So, what do we know is coming? Let’s look at a few of the rumors and confirmed announcements we know about so far:

  • The Mysterious Devolver Game
    • Remember when Devolver did a whole thing for E3? Well, one of the things you could buy was an 8 gig flash drive with cool demos and crap on it. However, one of the videos on this drive was for a game about some sort of demon sacrifice, but it was super cute. It looks like Devolver is ready to finally announce what the heck this thing is, and I am READY for it. I love Devolver. Fight me.
  • Saints Row Reboot
    • All we know so far was posted in a single image from Saint’s Row that just has a graffiti version of “Rebooting” on a wall. This could be good as Saint’s Row could use a new coat of paint. This could be good.

Get hyped! Gamescom is next Wednesday.

Oh, Good. You’re Awake. Again. For The Twelfth Time.

In an act of brazen foolishness, Bethesda announced that Skyrim is coming to Next Gen Consoles. Of course they did. This one has fishing. DOES ANYBODY CARE? Who prefers to play this on console? This game is SO OLD.

Notably, this game has now been re-released more times than Resident Evil 4. Cue the confetti. Todd Howard must be stopped.

The Rest Of The Garbage

Here’s the little guys making their stand in the news field.

  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is getting DLC next week. Cool! Give this game some love!
  • Wario Ware: Get It Together got a demo! Awesome! It’s super fun and you should grab it.
  • Myst is coming to Game Pass! MYST! THAT’S COOL!

That’s it! I’ll see you all later! I’m tired and I miss my family. I’M GOING TO BED!