[Yesterday’s News Today] Another Strange Choice

Here we are, folks. Right now in the States we have what I can only assume is another garbage fire in the political world, so what better way to enjoy the festivities than ignoring all of it and talking about better news in the video game world!

Marth in December

Out of the dang blue this morning, Nintendo decided to pull THIS gem out of their pocket. Turns out they’ve translated the entirety of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light for the NES into English for us non-Japanese speakers. On top of this, the game is releasing with a collector’s edition that actually has some super amazing stuff. We’re talking some quality items here. Look at these!

I’ll be honest, this isn’t for me, but I am partial to that Nintendo Power poster. It’s looking super nice. If you’re looking to just grab the digital, it’ll run you 6 bucks and the collectors will be around 50. Have at it, you crazy kids.

Your Weekly Dose of Age of Calamity

Looks like Nintendo plans on giving us updates on Age of Calamity every week until the game actually releases. This week’s instalment shows us a little more of the combat and some neat new abilities – like the part where Impa magnetizes all the weapons the enemies have into a HUGE weapon or when Zelda summons a walking bomb. However, the real money shot comes from a screenshot that Nintendo released earlier this week.

It looks like maybe the King of Hyrule could be playable, and if that’s the case I am so down for this. I just wanna beat up hordes of bad dudes already.

L is Real, 2020 (Just push L)

Well, turns out that you can play as our favourite green plumber pal in Super Mario 35. All you need to do apparently is just hold down “L” when the game is starting and you get to play as Luigi! I mean, it’s nothing more than cosmetic, but IT’S LUIGI, DANG IT!! I’m happy that they threw in this little easter egg just to show Luigi, my man, some good love. Try it out!

Smashing in the Kingdom

DarkThunder is your DreamHack Leipzig champion – the fourth event of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit!

All you fine blokes and blokettes, it looks like there’s a Smash tournament headed your way for two hours on Friday! The winner probably gets something cool (I think this one is an actual trophy!) So go ahead and fire up those Gamecube controllers and kick some serious butt!

Some DLC For Your Quarantine Needs

If you haven’t read it yet, you can check out my review for West of Dead where I tell you all that it’s super great and that you should play it as soon as you are able to. HOWEVER, it seems that there’s a DLC pack for it (for like 3 bucks, too!) and it adds a new area as well as a super rad Crow familiar. Jump on it, friends! This game is FABULOUS.

An Advance on the Future

It’s leak season, friends and with that, we get some speculation on something we’ve been wondering on for the last few years. Twitter user… um… HotGirlVideos69 posted this little tidbit after finding out that the translation of Fire Emblem will be off the market the same day that Mario 3D All-Stars is:

Gotta say, if this is even remotely legit, I think Nintendo Switch Advance is a great name. Do I think this is real? Not entirely. I know I’ve been wrong in the past, but I’m not sold on this being the real deal. I am, however, super down for an expanded online service. C’MON NINTENDO! Get with the Games Pass and Playstation Plus stuff!

That’s it, folks! Notwithstanding a few small things (a Fortnite Switch, Mariokart Live new characters, and Kirby Fighters 2 demo coming out) this was a pretty lively week! I wonder what the heck next week is going to bring! More Age of Calamity stuff? Probably.

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