Yesterday’s News Today | Court is [Finally] in Session

Man! Some stuff certainly happened this week, but it certainly took its time getting announced. Sure, there were other things that were cool I guess but there were some big hitters that really took the cake for me and the BDG crew. For me, I would have to say that the big announcement that took the cake would have to be…

The Greatest Ace-st Attorney

YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEES!!! Finally, months after being leaked the announcement that The Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2 are coming to the West. I cannot explain how absolutely THRILLED I am that this is now official and I can look forward to a release date. Of course, the game comes with it’s own new flavors and jokes and the name Herlock Sholmes comes to mind. Yeah, we get it, the rights to Sherlock Holmes are weird at best, but it’s perfect and hilarious.

These games, the prequels to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games, take place near the turn of the century and have you solving (what I can only assume is) a series of murders and crimes as one of Phoenix’s ancestors, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, as he gets all lawyer-y in Britain. These games were originally released in Japan on the 3DS and should have come to the rest of the world because COME ON I LOVE THIS SERIES. I mean, I’ve played every one of them and now I can happily play the entire series. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles release worldwide on July 27 ADN I AM IN.

L Is Real 2021

As our fearless captain Kieran noticed last week, Lego Marios all over the world started saying something new. See, occasionally when you leave Mario alone and lay him down he falls asleep. However, after a recent update when Mario would wake up he would say “Luigi! Luigi, where are you?” Of course, this led to some quick speculation of “oh right, Luigi should probably be happening before too long” and we were certainly right. First Amazon accidentally leaked it, but it wasn’t too long before Nintendo dropped a trailer officially announcing the Green Brother. Cool! More money to throw at LEGO! Another win for the week.

Friday Night Fundin’

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen something for Friday Night Funkin’, the little Newgrounds game that could, around the internet. Well, the folks who are making it decided to drop a kickstarter campaign for “Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game””. The campaign has bene live for like, a week and it’s already nearing the 1.5 million mark and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. The game is shooting to drop sometime early next year, but the work is looking like a huge undertaking. There’s gonna be an insane amount of music involved , custom characters, mod support and piles more. Sure, there might be a touch of excessive hype towards this and that’s probably just the internet being the internet but I’m very down for this. I love rhythm games and I totally threw 30 bucks towards this so I can get some sick enamel pins with it when it drops.

Sony Apologizes For This False Alarm

Remember last week when Sony announced that they would be closing down the PS3 and Vita online stores last week? That certainly got some people rushing to grab all the games that they thought would be hard to ever get again (like The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for TEN DOLLARS?! Seriously, grab that. Now.) Well, after the massive public outcry it looks like Sony backpedaled on their choice and have said that they’re keeping it open for the foreseeable future. I mean, when the stores close up eventually, I’m sure that Sony will announce it in a big way because there’s nothing like hearing a store is closing to get customers racing in to get everything they think they’re missing. Remember, Sony doesn’t care about preserving their games. They care about all the money you are going to throw at them.

This Game Is Cool And You Should Buy It

That’s it. That’s the entire story. This game came out of nowhere, looks amazing, and you should buy it.

An Early Mother’s Day Present

Man, last week Reggie Fils-Aime gave the world a good joke when he talked about playing Mother 3, but I wasn’t aware that we would be hearing more about this eternally unavailable game as soon as we did! Turns out the team that translated the game made a patch with a more updated translation to this game. How cool! One of our old writers on Nintendad was super involved with the Mother community, so this is cool to see what he and his community are up to. Download it where ever wholesome ROMs are downloaded.

HAHAHAHA Oh No-verwatch

Man, there are certainly some interesting things going on over at Blizzard recently. The newest event is that Jeff Kaplan, the director of Overwatch 2, has left the company. I mean, it’s not exactly a huge boost of hope for Overwatch 2, the game that Blizzard told us that we didn’t need to buy to enjoy most of the new content it provides, but I’m sure Blizzard will figure out something. They always do and then we overpay for it and then they say something so catastrophically ridiculous that it becomes an everlasting meme. Sure, whatever. Blizzard gonna Blizzard. It looks like his assistant Game Developer, Aaron Keller will take the helm from here forward. I’ll expect Overwatch 2 news the same time that I see another trailer for Metroid Prime 4. So… 2025?

Newer Knights of the Old Republic: Second Revenge Of The Sith

Well this is unexpected! Jason Schreier, former Kotaku Journalist and now very well accomplished and respected games journalist has mentioned this week that from what he is hearing, there will be some form of remake for Knights of the Old Republic, one of the most widely loved and revered Star Wars games in recent memory. If true, this would be a HUGE deal if handled properly. All of my friends who have played this game simply do not shut up about it when I ask them about how good this is. I mean, if anything, it could lead to another game in the series and that might be pretty cool. Here’s hoping for an announcement soon. As they say in the movies: May the 4th be with you…


I’m not making huge paragraphs for each of these. So here we go: a bunch of cool trailers

Tales of Arise is looking great! September 10th can’t come soon enough.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is looking super great as well. A lot of the folks on the BDG team recently became huge fanfs of this series this year, so this is certainly a hot ticket item over here.

Biomutant is looking friggin’ rad. I remember hearing cool stuff about this when it was announced an age ago, but this trailer is really showing the quality of the teams craftmanship. Biomutant comes out NEXT MONTH!

Oh Snap!

For a majority of you kids out there, you won’t even remember things like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, but back when Pokemon Snap came out for the N64 there was something special you could do at those Blockbuster stores. See, you could take your copy of Pokemon Snap and you could print out the pictures that you took. It was so sick to be that kid that showed up at school with your awesome photos (they might have even been stickers) and to gloat to your other Pokemon friends. It looks like Nintendo got together with Polaroid and made something for New Pokemon Snap! You can grab the Instax Mini Link! It connects to your switch and you can print out the pictures you took, but they’ll look significantly better than they used to on the N64. It’s super rad and I love all the nostalgia. It’ll be insanely expensive.

Let’s Hunt Some More Monsters!

Are you sad that you’ve already killed all the big bad monsters in Monster Hunter Rise? Yeah, we are too. What if I told you that Capcom was about to announce a whole new slew of big beasties that you can murder to death with your enormous weapons forged from the corpses of OTHER big beasties you killed? Well I’m happy to tell you that JUST TODAY Capcom announced the very thing I’ve been hyping up! The big presentation hits on the 27th and I assume something will drop that day because they’re already saying that the update is nearly a gigabyte. Get ready hunters. We got Lizards to murder.

And that’s it folks! Trailers for days and announcements for weeks. I love doing this. I love seeing all the cool stuff people are announcing and I love getting excited all over again. Anyway, I got more stuff to do, so I have to get out of here. See you next week, folks!