[Yesterday’s News Today] *Crickets*

Hey uh… things are kind of quiet this week. I’m not entirely sure if all of you knew this but America is kind of in the middle of a huge election that has a lot riding on it. As such things have been a bit quiet on the social media front. I mean, remember that Pikmin 3 Deluxe came out? I can honestly tell you that the last 5 days have felt like months. Anyways, let me shuffle through my notes and see what we have in terms of news here. Gimme a minute.

Metroid Prime 4 release date set for 2077 at this rate

Man, I have no idea when Metroid Prime 4 is going to come out. Every so often we get the news that somebody else is joining the team, or the project is indefinitely delayed or whatever and today is no exception! News came out recently that Retro will be renovating their current work place and they will be moving into said fancified work place sometime in the middle of 2021 (hopefully, if COVID is a thing of the past). But that’s it. That’s the news. Retro Studios is renovating their workplace. THIS IS HOW BORING THIS WEEK WAS. I mean… there has to be something, right? What else, what else…

Mo money, mo problems

People sure do like the Nintendo Switch, don’t they? Also, Animal Crossing!! What’s up with that? Kieran has a theory that Nintendo were somehow responsible for COVID, in order to boost sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We all point out to him that it was just a beautiful coincidence and he should give the game another chance, as it really is quite charming. Suffice to say, metal chair and swears ensue.

Nintendo released their quarterlies this week and there are some CRAZY numbers here. Like, Super Mario 3D All-Stars sold over 5 (FIVE) million copies in just 2 weeks. Nostalgia, much like sex, sells. Note to self – buy old porn and sell at profit.

ANYHWHO….. Friend of Nintendad and sender of letters, Switch Weekly, has put together a lovely thread that details some of the more interesting numbers.

Going Pac-Pro

Oh, Hori is making a Pac-Man themed Split pad pro! That’s kind of cool! Apparently, it was a Japan-exclusive until recently, but Amazon will start stocking it on November 19th. It’ll run you 60 bucks. It’s a pretty decent controller all things considered, so maybe give it a try? The Pac-Man theming is pretty fun. [At this point, Kevin nervously looks around and beings to franticly look at the notecard he wrote all of the news on for this week, only to see that he has maybe 2 more things to announce] Uh… um… what about this?

Game & Watch(ing you buy) Super Mario Bros (for the) 35(th time)

Alright, I get it, some of you out there are suckers for collector’s stuff like this, but I will never completely get this. Looks like we finally got a release date for the Game & Watch for Super Mario Bros and that date is November 13, one week before Age of Calamity. If you want this chance to buy classic Mario and Lost Levels for what could arguably be at least you 11th copy, you can swing over to wherever Nintendo is selling these and pick up your very own for… wait let me check here… FIFTY DOLLARS?! FIVE ZERO? Like, WHAT?!? Are we being serious with this? I mean… this is Mario 1 we’re talking about here. This isn’t a new game. You’re all paying fifty bucks for the chance to get a machine that plays a game we all agree is iconic, but that we have all played more than our fair share? Whatever. I’m gonna head on to a new topic before Kieran hits me with another metal folding chair.

Oh, Right! Monster Hunter Rise!

About a week ago we got another trailer for Monster hunter Rise and we got to see some more of the insane new mechanics we are looking forward to in the next instalment. In short, the new trailer has MASSIVELY increased mobility and fanciness with this Wirebug they introduced. This looks like the de facto way to play this game if you’re new to the franchise. Where the game still has about three full months before it’s released, I can honestly say that I’m getting more and more excited for it with every new bit of information I see. February can’t come soon enough.

Folks, That’s it. That’s the week. To quote Ferris Beuller’s Day Off “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home! Go!” Seriously folks. We’ll be back next week with, I don’t know. Hopefully more? I’ll do some better digging for some better stuff. Not every week can be a mind-blowing news fest.

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