[Yesterday’s News Today] Directly to the Forehead

Well HELLO there, Nintendo Direct! Where have you been for the last 530 days? This is literally the entire YNT this week, and it was a DOOZY. So, without further ado, let’s start freaking out (or not if you’re one of the millions of people who expected the moon from this Direct.) Let’s GET IT ON!

Sakurai Trolls Us All

Man, this was a clever trailer. It starts like it was going to be some flavor of expansion to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with Rex looking for Pyra who has gone missing for some reason. There’s very little dialogue, which made me think it was a work in progress, but then it all ends with Rex meeting with Pyra on a misty platform where she proclaims that she has been invited to Smash. It was great! Sure people are going to moan about “It’s another character with a sword”, but where Pyra can turn into Mythra as well, this looks like it’s going to be a pretty impressive addition to the roster. Big hype for a character I thought wasn’t going to happen. Also, with a character like Pyra in the game, it gives me more hope that Geno really might be in this game after all…

Falling On To Switch

Hey! Remember Fall Guys? In the first of many announcements where I said “Oh, wasn’t that already on the Switch?”, Devlover announced that Fall Guys is coming over to the Nintendo lands. By the time we get it it’ll be a new season or something, but I feel like this will sell a bunch and then people will forget about it again. Falls Guys is great, but I don’t see many people talking about it any more. This’ll be out in May, which feels especially late for a game that needs to ride a hype wave as hard as this does.

22 Minutes Until Reset

Next up is The Outer Wilds, a Groundhog’s Day style “reset-until-you-figure-it-out” kind of game. This game is fabulous from all of what I’ve heard about it. It’s nice to see it make the inevitable jump to the Switch after all this time. Give it a go when it comes out this summer. I know we will over here at BDG.

The Deepest of Cuts

A few months back in 2020, Japan announced a physical release and remake of two old NES detective games called “Famicom Detective Club”. These were some of the first real instances of visual novels as games so it’s kind of a big deal to have these again. Especially in the age of everyone and their dog releasing a VN, this game should do pretty well. These two games (The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind) land on May 14.

Not The Warriors I was Hoping For

Unsurprisingly, Koei Tecmo are pretty keen on releasing more Warriors games on the Switch after Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity sold like a trillion copies. SO! Here we are! Samurai Warriors 5 is heading to the Switch and it’s looking pretty stylish. Personally, I’m not a huge musuo fan, but I know that people love these. I just expect more themed ones to come as the years move on as I have more of a stake in those. Anyways, it looks pretty and it’ll be out this summer.

Mana (series) From Heaven

Whoa! Apparently people knew about this before it happened, but Legend of Mana, which released on the PS1 back in the day, has been remastered and will be releasing on the Switch! I’m super down with this because Trials of Mana on the Switch was one of my highlights of last year. The visuals look great and the game is one of those in the series that people really remember liking, so I’m so totally down for it. There’s even some quality of life improvements! You can turn off enemy encounters (use carefully) and there’s some sort of Tamagotchi/Digimon thing going on with something called Ring-Ring Land. Looks great. Legend of Mana should be out on June 24.

More Monsters You Can Hunt!

Capcom came in with a small Monster Hunter Rise trailer and it certainly brought the hype. Tons of new monsters and events showed up including, but not limited to:

  • a horrifying gigantic spider that will forever haunt my dreams
  • a mud slinging death lizard
  • a hock faced lava hulk
  • a giant stink bug?
  • multi-monster raids where you fight monsters with monsters

It looks bonkers. On top of all this we found out that the Monster Hunter Rise console and controllers we talked about a few weeks back are coming to the states as well. Neat!

Rise of Yee-haw Wario


Mario Golf is back, baby! A lot of people were confused on why this game is even being announced, but I have to tell you that Mario Golf is insanely good! Sure, to some of you this looks like as boring a game as it could be, but Mario Golf is nothing but a good time. It looks pretty as heck with every character wearing their golfing best, except for Yoshi, who is naked by default (but maybe that’s his best stuff?) There’s a story mode like the Gameboy additions where victories win you XP to level up your skills. Unfortunately you’re limited to Mii characters on that mode, but it still looks great. Speed Golf, a competitive 4-player Golf Melee looks like a ton of fun as well. You can use power ups to smack your friends while you try to get the lowest score. Quality. Mario Golf: Super Rush comes out June 25.

But let’s talk about the real winner here: Wario. LOOK AT THIS MAN.

Back to Pandora Again… Again.

Man, I almost forgot that Telltale made a Borderlands series called Tales from the Borderlands. The story takes place between Borderlands 2 and 3 with the two main protagonists looking to make their fortune with another vault. As you could guess in the five installments that all manner of tomfoolery and shenanigan ensues. I’ve seen some of the best parts of the whole series which pretty much peaks with a hundred man game of finger guns that ends in SEVERAL casualties. Excellent stuff. Expect the story to drop on March 24.

Capcom Arcade Classics Drops TODAY

That’s it. That’s the story. Go grab it. It’s free with some paid options to grab some great games.

If You Guessed This Game was Coming, I Owe You A Dollar

The biggest “Wait WHAT?!” of the entire presentation has to be the port of Stubbs the Zombie, an old classic Xbox game that I thought dropped into relative obscurity. Apparently I was VERY wrong as this game is pretty good and has a 75% on Metacritic. So, apparently this is a fun game that somehow scored the chance to be added to the Switch’s immense library. Huh. The game has you playing as Stubbs, a Zombie who does crazy zombie stuff with your ever growing zombie horde. Cool. March 16th. Sure.

Finally, No More Heroes III

After what felt like an actual eon, Suda51 finally gave us a really good look at what Travis Touchdown will be up to this year. Giant alien fights, genre changes, lawn mowing and other menial jobs are what we have to look forward to. Travis has added his Death Glove (which I think is from Travis Strikes Back) to obliterate his foes and get the job done in style. Seriously, this looks like a great time. Super flashy attacks coupled with Travis’ signature devil may care attitude make this game look like it’s going to be a blast for fans of the series. Travis kills ALL THE ALIENS on August 27th.

Killing Devils in Heaven

Annapurna came out swinging with Neon White, a deck-building FPS set in heaven where you are tasked with killing every Devil you see. It’s flash, for sure, but also it’s a fresh take on a genre that has a hard time finding new things to do. And it has Steve Blum in there! Can’t go wrong with Steve Blum! Neon White come out swinging in Winter (what’s with all these late in the year titles? I thought this Direct was all about the first half of 2021? Whatever.)

Sure, DC Super Hero Girls. Why Not?

Uh… somebody asked for this game. I’m sure of it. I know my kids will be interested if I have the chance to play it, but I’m not entirely sure why this got a spotlight. Maybe DC paid the big bucks? Probably. Anyways, based off the TV show of the same name, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power has you controlling and customizing the associated heroines as they beat up baddies and save the day. It looks fine. I’m just confused why this made it to the Direct. June 4. Great.

Now Arriving In Neighborville

Oh, another one of those “I thought this was already on Switch” games. Looks like Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is heading to the Nintendo storefront this year. Grab one of several plant friends of Zombie pals and battle-royale it up online. I’m sure the game is fine, good even. I’m more impressed that people are still playing Plants vs Zombies all these years later. You won’t have to wait long as the game releases March 19th.

A Blast From The Not So Recent Past

Another shot from the dark was the announcement of the 3DS classic Miitopia being ported and expanded for the Switch. Miitopia is bursting with charm and is as silly as it is wonderful. Essentially you take a team of Miis and assign them to be a myriad of characters you have to either help of defeat along a warrior’s journey. Along the way there is all manner of drama and silliness to be had. Some cosmetic updates have been added and some new mechanics like animal companions, but the game is mainly a graphical update to a great 3DS title. Some might groan at the $60 price tag, but I think it’ll be well worth it. I’ll be picking up my copy when it drops on May 21.

Mario Crossing

A bunch of new Mario themed items and junk are coming to Animal Crossing next week and they look kind of fun. Besides simple cosmetic things like blocks and Thwomps, this update adds a usable warp pipe you can use to jump around your island super quickly. It’s a very cool idea and has some implications for further updates as the Zelda celebration starts later this year. Cool stuff.

Neat Idea, Weird Name

Square Enix decided to announce the next game in their HD-2D series of games (a la Octopath Traveler) with Triangle Strategy (working title), a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games they made way back when. The game seems to focus a lot on choices and allegiances to ideologies. It’ll be interesting, pretentious when it needs to be, and probably 1,000 hours long, but the concept is cool. I know a lot of people eat it up and have a great time doing so, but man. I have a family. I have NO time for a game this size. The trailer looked great and took about 3 minutes too long for a game that isn’t coming out until 2022, but the demo came out the same day and the devs are looking for feedback on how to improve the game. Not a bad idea.

Hunting For Star Wars Money

Zynga, of Facebook game fame is making a Star Wars third person shooter. There, you now know exactly as much as we do. It’s probably free to play. This was a VERY short trailer.

The Most Disjointed Trailer I Have EVER Seen

EA’s trailer for Knockout City was… well it was something alright. The trailer focused around a bunch of video game trope characters talking about playing a different game than they one they starred in. We had a CounterStrike dude, Generic Orc, Friggin’ awesome pixel art princess who should have totally had her own game, a football guy and some space marine all in some sort of interview type thing for a minute and then it cut to the ACTUAL game we were talking about, Knockout City: a battle-royale dodgeball game that might actually be kind of fun if they give it better trailers. Seriously, this trailer has to be seen to be believed. I’m more impressed that the entire thing was greenlit by EA than I am excited for the game. Be confused or excited on May 21 when it releases.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

The fine folks over at NIS America are making something a little bit interesting. These are the people who made the Danganronpa series, and I’ve been watching the Game Grumps play Dangonronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc for a few months now, so this is kind of fun. It starts with a game where a bunch of kids have to fight for their lives against each other in an underwater theme park, but then that game is cancelled and then they have to go find out that the world ended somehow. It’s… uh… a lot to take in. The trailer explains it a bit better than I can, but it looks different enough to maybe give it a chance. World’s End Club should be out May 28.

Hades Gets Physical

That’s it! That’s the announcement! The physical copy comes with a music download, a copy of the game and a gorgeous 32 page art book. It looks nice (and I have been playing DOZENS of hours of it all year) and if I didn’t already own it, I would go for it. Buy this if you don’t already have it though. This game is GOLD. Pick it up on March 19th!

Not In Smash, But Still on Nintendo

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is coming to Switch (and just about everything else!) this year! Yes, the impossibly hardcore murderfest will be coming to the handheld world of Nintendo with all three of 3D games ported in all their HD glory. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the definitive version of the first game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, the fabulous sequel to the original, as well as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (the critically panned and easily forgotten black sheep that literally nobody asked for) are included in the collection. Get hyped to die a billion times and to watch every enemy on screen explode into SO MUCH BLOOD when the game hits shelves June 10


Hyrule Warriors came to the stage with the announcement of a DLC Season pass that has some interesting additions to the already big game. The pass is broken into two major parts with a bonus for simply buying it. Each major addition will include additional characters and stages as well as some additional challenges and story material. First part is in June, second part in NOVEMBER. That’s a long way out for DLC, but hey, if Street Fighter V can do it, who’s to stop anyone else?

Arthur (and Friends!)

Ghosts and Goblins got a bit of an update on their trailer (the game releases next week) and it showed off some multiplayer stuff! A second player can play as a ghost of sorts that assists Arthur by lifting him, defending him, or helping him attack. It’s a nice way to have a friend suffer with you as the game’s undoubtedly brutal difficulty will probably have you spiking your Joy-Cons into the floor.

I Need A Saga! What’s The Saga?

I have never played any of the SaGa games in all 32 of the years I have been alive, but they certainly have a fan base. Square Enix (who have been announcing a LOT of stuff recently) announced that SaGa Frontier will be getting a remaster for the Switch this year on April 15. The game features some new art assets and HD versions of backgrounds from the original game. As I know next to nothing about this series, I’ll leave it there, but it retro RPGs are your jam, this will be a hard game to skip.

I’m Not Even Going To Talk About Apex Legends

You can’t make me. We announced this last week. Whatever. This game is fine. Moving on.

The Heartbreak Heard Round The World

Eiji Aonuma came to the stage and announced that there was no Breath of the Wild 2 news. If there was ANYTHING people were looking forward to, it was that. But, now that I look back on it, the announcement of the Direct said there would be Smash news, not BotW2 news. I think if they were going to talk about it they would have made that a bigger deal than they did. Alright, maybe this one is on us. However, our Zelda Master in Chief would not leave us high and dry. He instead left us with this:

Back to Skyloft

That’s right, friends! Skyward Sword HD is happening (just like that leak from Amazon a year ago told us it would) and I will say that I’m pretty happy about it. Sure, I have some gripes with the game (Like fighting the Imprisoned a hundred times, Girahim three times, only having three main areas to explore, and Fi never letting me figure out the DANG PUZZLES BY MYSELF), but the game has one of the coolest stories and some of the best dungeons. It’s a jam even if it’s not perfect.

Along with the game came the announcement of optional button controls for swinging the sword (hallelujah), 60 FPS visuals in beautiful HD, and new Skyward Sword themed Joy-Cons based off the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. It looks great. The remaster comes out on July 16th. I’m alright with this.

Aonuma did also say that there would be BotW2 news later this year. E3 is our next hope, I guess. That or the Game Awards. We’ll see.

Back in the Ink

To finish off the entire Direct we were introduced to Splatoon 3! I wasn’t sure if we were going to get this any time soon, but with Splatoon 2 winding down and getting a last little bit of love, Splatoon 3 was bound to come sooner or later. This looks like a Mad Max style sequel and personally, I am SUPER down for this. We didn’t get a whole lot of information about how it will all work, but the gameplay looks great and this game will sell a gajillion copies and everyone will love it. Given, it’ll be here in 2022, but that’s fine. Let it be great. Give it time.

Wait! Blizzard has a few announcements!

Right! Just a few hours before this whole thing drops, Blizzard started doing their BlizzConLine and decided to announce some big hitters out of the blue. First up is …


Diablo II is coming to EVERYTHING sometime this year. It has a full Diablo III style makeover, which actually looks pretty great. The developers did a deep dive on all the new stuff they’re doing, so certainly give that a looksee if you want more info. There was a LOT on this today. But honestly, it’s not what I’m looking forward to. Because they announced…

All The Blizzard You Never Knew You Wanted

This is where it’s at folks. Blizzard used to make some weird stuff back in the day and most of it was great. This collection of three games includes two games I am very fond of and one I have never even heard of before:

  • Rock N Roll Racing
  • The Lost Vikings
  • BlackThorne

I know the first two, but Blackthorne is new to me. Anyways, these are all great games and they all release TODAY for 19.99! This is a steal and a half and I need it in my life immediately. Seriously, put this directly into my veins.

Whew! What a week. Lots to talk about and only more on the horizon. I’m gonna go take a nap! I’ve been working on this for WAY too long.

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