Yesterday’s News Today | Fight! Fight! Fight(ing Games)!

Oh frig, is it Friday already? I should probably get all my crap together and write you a thing about news and all that stuff. Uh… what do I have… I’ll grab some good stuff and get to talking to you about it! HERE WE GO!

Travis on TV

Looks like Suda51 wants to make No More Heroes into a TV show at some point. I’m sure this would lend itself pretty well into a show and it seems like it got pretty close at one point! In an interview he stated, “… one of [the proposals to make No More Heroes into a TV show] actually came really close, but ended up not working out. We had actually gone so far as to decide on the actor to play the main character, but it never made it into production.” With something as over-the-top as No More Heroes I’m sure somebody will jump on this before too long. I mean, between, The Witcher, The Boys, and the recently announced Y: The Last Man show, it feels like the time is ripe for this to come to fruition.

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Blizzard President 'Steps Down' Ahead of Activision Blizzard Investor Call

In week 3 of our Activision-Blizzard coverage we have a good step in the right direction: (former) president of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack has stepped down amid all of the allegations going on at the cesspit that is Blizzard’s upper management. So, what does this mean? Well, honestly it means that two other people will be in charge. I’m sure this is a step in the right direction mainly because Brack was one of the people named in the litigations towards the company. If nothing else, it means that he’ll stop harassing the people for this specific company. Let’s keep it going, guys. Next step: unionize! DO IT.

Hand Drawn Guides? Sign Me Up!

Look at these! LOOK AT THESE! DO YOU SEE THEM? Do you see how beautiful these are? These manuals are so friggin’ gorgeous and I need them as soon as I can. These books are the work of Philip Summers, a talented artist who wanted to make manuals like this and felt like doing just that. Currently these just showed up on Kickstarter and have almost the full time to make the goal. The manuals that are up right now are for Metroid (NES), The Legend of Zelda (NES) and a combo book of Contra and Ninja Gaiden (NES). With the success of these we can only expect more of these stunning tributes to the games of the past.

GOOD HEAVENS THESE ARE GORGEOUS. Support the man here and grab your own copies.

Cammy and Great Value Guile Join Fortnite

Street Fighter's Guile And Cammy Coming To Fortnite - GameSpot

Teased earlier this week we got this image of a classic Street Fighter II arcade cabinet with a battle bus flying through it signalling more Street Fighter crossover characters coming to Fortnite. Cool, right? Were we getting Sagat? Maybe Ken? Nah, this time we were getting Cammy and Guile! Well… Kind of Guile. Kind of a “Party City” variant of Guile. Cammy looks fine, but yeesh Guile looks weird in the Fortnite art style. Maybe it’s one of those things where Guile looks better in profile rather than head on. Either way, it’s certainly a choice they made and honestly, it fits. It would have been weird having Dhalsim carrying a rocket launcher or seeing Zengeif holding a pistol. Guile and Cammy fit perfectly and I’m sure people will buy these like they always do.

Street Fighter's Guile And Cammy Coming To Fortnite - GameSpot

Luke Finishes Up Street Fighter V

This week marked the second to last update for Street Fighter V with an hour long presentation of new character additions Oro and Akira. Everything looks awesome and like it’ll be a load of fun to play. After all of the character (and Fortnite) announcements we got a look at the final character to be added to the impressive roster of SFV: Luke. Luke looks to be some sort of MMA fighter with a REALLY fun looking moveset. However, the interesting thing about this announcement was the wording that the developers used: “[Luke] will help expand the world of Street Fighter and provide fans with a glimpse into the future”.

This fifth DLC season of Street Fighter was brought about because of a few things: Covid and management changes. We all get the Covid delay, but things were not going smoothly for the development of Street Fighter 6 nor were things going well with previous director Yoshinori Ono. Ono ended up stepping down from the head of SF and a new team showed up. So, having Luke as a sneak peek into the long rumored Street Fighter 6 is pretty cool. Sure, people have been knocking his design as “pretty basic” or “completely uninteresting” and “just another buff blonde dude”, but I think he looks rad and I like him already. He’ll drop some time in November, so I’ll talk about it then.


Maximilian Dood on Twitter: "Why Is Marvel 2 So Important? Lore,  Predictions & More w/Maximilian… "

Look, I love fighting games with all of my whole soul and no game is closer to me than Marvel Vs Capcom 2. This game came out when I was 12 and I had already fallen in love with both Marvel Vs Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom: New Age of Heroes, so when I came into an arcade to find a cabinet holding the sequel to two of my favorite games was like finding a hundred dollars in your pocket when you’re hungry. I devoured this game and I was blown away when I found a physical copy for the PS2 when I worked at Gamestop back in ’07. However, this game is impossibly hard to get. Sure, it was released on the 360 and PS3 10 years ago, but you can’t download those any more. You need to have a console that has the game installed and hope it still works. Dreamcast and PS2 versions are each around $300 bucks to get, and you can’t even play those online. Boo hiss.

This is where Maximillian Dood comes in. For those of you not familiar with Max, he’s a HUGE voice in the fighting game community and he took to starting a campaign on Twitter and other Social Media platforms to get Marvel Vs Capcom 2 back on digital shops everywhere. The hashtag “#FreeMVC2” has been finding some pretty heavy traffic on Twitter (tens of thousands of posts) and the developers who would be taking care of this game (Digital Eclipse) even responded on the conversation with this tweet.


The Rest Of The Garbage

  • Mario Golf Got An Update adding New Donk City and Toadette: Woohoo! It’s free!
  • Haven Park looks adorable: Check the Trailer! It’s adorable, like I just said!
  • Pokemon Unite gets a patch: Eldegoss should stop murdering people, Charizard doesn’t suck so bad and Gardevoir joins the crew.
  • Niantic changed the radius of Pokestops and people got MAD: This just in: People are still playing Pokemon Go.
  • Metroid Dread got a new teaser: Samus looks good in Gold, folks. Also, what’s up with the energy in her hand? I’m curious.

And that’s the week! A lot of fighting game stuff (which make me happy) and some other fun stuff to boot (except for Blizzard. They can go suck a butt.) I’m interested to see what comes next week. Until then, I’ll go ask Disney to please make MvC2 on Switch a reality. PLEASE make it happen.