Yesterday’s News Today | FOUR DAYS

Oi. This week felt like it was never going to end. I blame that partially on a toddler who decided of all weeks to grow himself a molar. In short, I am tired but the world of gaming news NEVER SLEEPS! Some big hitters came out this week, so let’s get to talking!

It’s Really Happening

Well folks, April 1st is right around the corner and we can all finally give a goodbye to Mario as we know him. It was confirmed this week that Nintendo’s own storefront will be removing all of their physical copies of Super Mario 3D Collection, which will always be the dumbest financial decision I have ever seen by a company since Nintendo themselves decided to put the N64 on cartridges. Hopefully, within the next week we will know what the frig these guys are planning on doing with all of these physical copies that are lying around all of America. One day, I hope Nintendo looks at this decision and says to themselves “Man, we were idiots.” Otherwise we will all watch the public execution of Mario “Jumpman” Mario on the morning of April Fools. He had a good run. I hope they treat Link and Zelda better this year.

Pikmin Go

In this month’s “I’m not sure who asked for this, but I guess we’re getting it so whatever”, we have the announcement from Nintendo about a new mobile experience involving Pikmin of all things. So, it looks like we’re getting some sort of AR Pikmin experience and it’s probably the most Nintendo thing they have ever done. The app involves you walking around and having tons of pikmin following you around. I’m uh… I’m sure it’s super cute and all, but I’m not entirely sure how long of a thing this will be. Every other Nintendo app makes sense and I can understand why people would stay and play it, but I’m going to need some serious explanation on why this is a thing I need to download. All we know other than this is that we’ll see this some time in the fall. Sure fine. Whatever, Nintendo.

Oh, Right. Stadia Exists.

For the eleven of you who still use Stadia instead of a dedicated console or Steam, do I have some good news for you! Resident Evil Village is coming to Stadia! Hooray! I’m sure they’ll sell dozens of copies. Anyways, if you preorder the game then you will also get a Stadia Premiere edition of the game which probably has some sort of exclusive digital something, but I mean, I just kind of love to rag on Stadia. Anyways, digital something-or-others aren’t the only thing you can get though! As of April 1st, you can also claim a free copy of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard! So, I mean… that’s cool. If you’re one of the select few who are still loving the Stadia, then it looks like April is a good time.

An Old Friend Comes Back From The Shadows

In another story that’s all about “Wait, who asked for this?” we have the remake/remaster of the N64 classic Shadow Man happening before we even saw it coming. Now, I never played the original, but some folks on the team here at BDG have said that it was pretty good back in the day. And if there’s anything that most of the N64 games out there could really use, it’s updated controls. Well, for any of the folks out there who are excited for this game that’s 22 years in the making, you don’t have to wait any longer than April! The exact date isn’t known in April, but the fact that it’s hitting so soon is exciting. The game is slated to drop on consoles and PC. Nice.

Nintendo Finally Gives Us The D (Pad)

Hey, Nintendo! You finally listened to your fans and thought about making an official Nintendo brand Joy-Con with a D-pad! This week the big boys decided to file a patent for these new controllers. The first thing you might notice is that this new controller has the aforementioned Directional (D) pad, but what started to take me by surprise is that it has what looks to be both a D-Pad AND an analog stick. Also, there are only two face buttons, so this is certainly something strange. And with all these Switch Plus Pro EX Advance rumors going around, I would be surprised if these controllers don’t make an appearance this Christmas. I guess time will tell.

What’s In A Name?

After three consoles, Microsoft made a really big choice (besides buying Bethesda for 7 BILLION dollars and potentially Discord for another TEN) and it involves their online services. See, as long as Microsoft has had dedicated video game consoles there has been the online service of Xbox Live. That is, until now. The long standing name of Xbox Live is now becoming Xbox Network. Sure, it’s not a huge change, but maybe a clearer name will help grandmas who are looking to buy subscription cards for their grandkids will have an easier time finding it. Either way, there’s no real news on when this is actually happening, but it’ll be a small change I think. Maybe Microsoft will announce some EVEN CRAZIER version of Game Pass when the update hits.

The Blood Boils Hotter

Over the last few days of the week, a whole stack of games got announced for just about everything, but one that caught our eye was Melty Blood: Type Lumina, an anime fighter that has had some pretty decent following over the years. This game will be coming to all three of the big consoles sometime this year, but we at BDG have to say that it’s super cool to see games like this coming not only over seas, but to be announced as a big deal. The last time anybody cared about games like this in the mainstream was when we all heard about BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. And, funny enough that leads in to us talking about…

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, RWBY!

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is coming to the Switch in the all new definitive edition of the game! On May 13th, the game and all of its DLC will be packaged together and shipped out on Nintendo’s handheld of destiny. This is great because it’s always great to have games available for more people to play. I mean, RWBY has certainly gained in popularity over the years and this is a great way to have more people who are interested the series to get a chance to look into it. I mean, sure there will probably be a fat stack of spoilers, but whatever. The game looks great and it’ll be out in a month or so. Sweet.

So Wait, Who Saves The World?

Microsoft and Xbox had a big presentation with their ID @ Xbox and we can certainly talk about it all soon enough, but one of the greatest things that came out of it was a little gem called Nobody Saves The World! It’s a pretty simple concept in that you are a little dude called Nobody who is trying to beat his way out of a dungeon. The big hook to it all is that as you gain more experience, you unlock new classes for yourself to continue to beat the snot out of everything in your path. But it gets better! You can also combine the abilities of several classes to make some absolutely crazy good setups for doing maximum damage. To add additional gravy to this new game, the people behind it are none other than Drinkbox Games, the geniuses behind the Guacamelee series of games that took the world by storm a few years back. This game looks charming as heck and I am excited to give it a try this year.

Friends? It’s been a good week. I am VERY tired and very ready for a solid weekend. By the time this article hits the page, it’ll be butt-early in the states where I am from. I hope, under every circumstance, that I am very asleep by the time you fine people are reading this. For now, I’m heading out. Talk to you next week when we find out what the grisly fate of Mario ends up being. My guess? Murder.