Yesterday’s News Today | It’s Good To Be Back

My friends. My wonderful friends. It is so good to be back to give you the week’s news. I mean, after the E3 burst a few weeks back I felt completely burned out and I needed a break. Thanks again to my good man Greg (@Bris_pit), who you should totally appreciate for the incredible amount of work he does around these parts. He’s the guy what does all of the interviews around here and the man is just *chef’s kiss*. So, give that man some love (this weekend, when another one of his awesome interviews drops!) and let’s get to this news, shall we?

The Sonic Crossover We (Apparently) Needed

On Tuesday, Mojang announced a partnership with SEGA involving adding Sonic and friends to Minecraft because of course they would. The update adds an honestly impressive amount of Sonic/SEGA content to the game including a bunch of tools to make Sonic the Hedgehog themed levels and stuff. It’s really cool to be honest. Do I wish they had added an entire Chao garden (GIVE US WHAT WE WANT, SEGA), of course I do, but being able to make custom Sonic 3D levels that look halfway decent is a pretty cool thing.

Sonic Jam

Alright folks, I need to be clear about a few things. Sonic the Hedgehog to me, as a whole series, is like a C-. I am not a fan of Sonic games with the EXTREME exception (Sonic Adventure Battle 2 is gold and I will fight you on this), but I promise you that nearly every Sonic game’s soundtrack is solidly in the greatest music every composed for video games. SEGA is responsible for some of the greatest jams to have been put into the electronic gaming experience and there is absolutely no room for argument there. So, how great is it that we get this incredible livestreamed event! On Wednesday, SEGA had a nearly TWO HOUR live concert: half of which orchestrated and the other half played live by none other than Crush 40, the most iconic of all Sonic bands.

There is no judgment here. There is no hate. There is only Sonic jams being blasted by talented and excellent musicians. If you did not sing along with Escape the City and Live and Learn then I submit that you have no soul nor capacity for love in your heart. You can claim “Sonic is cringe” or “Ugh, this is so dumb”, but you know in your heart of hearts that Sonic music is the SICKEST and you love every note. Shadow is so early 2000’s edgy that it hurts. He’s the Hot Topic equivalent of Sonic, BUT I KNOW THAT I AM ALL OF ME IS A WORLD CLASS BANGER. Seriously, this concert is so good. It’s so ridiculous and I love every second of it. LORD this is great. On top of that, it’s on Youtube FOREVER instead of having some garbage reason for limited availability (look at that Nintendo! This is how you celebrate things. Not with a thing you can only buy for a few months, but with something that lasts forever.) Take a page out of your former competitor’s book Nintendo. This is how you celebrate a franchise. Get those Game and Watches out of my face.

The World Ends Sooner Than I Remembered

Whoa! Remember that NEO: The World Ends With You is a thing? Because I totally forgot that this game existed for a second. I kind of got caught up in that whole new Metroid, new Zelda, new Warioware thing that I forgot that this game is a thing and kind of a big thing at that. So, what are the people over at Square talking about when it comes to this new entry? Well, they’re saying that it’s gonna be the best thing since sliced bread and that you should totally play the demo that just released for it! Well, how cool is that. In due time you’ll be able to see our coverage of the demo in the coming days! From what I’ve seen so far it looks bonkers and standard Kingdom Hearts styled crazy. It’ll be great probably.

Sony Demands Your Greed

Hey there folks! Do you already have a PS5? Did you somehow grab one before they were made entirely soo scarce due to the computer chip scarcity of the pandemic? Well Sony is asking those of you who already have one of the rarest consoles on the planet to somehow pay 400-500 dollars to get another one for some reason that I don’t think I could ever really understand. I’m not entirely sure why anybody would a) fall for this or b) look at their brand new console and say “HIT ME AGAIN, SONY!”. So, unless you’re a scalper (and if you are then I hope that karma burns your house down, but only the part where you’re keeping $12,000 worth of PS5s) you can probably just stick to the one console and let people get a chance to play this dang thing.

Tamagotchi’s Are Back Again For The Third Time?

So, if you weren’t aware, Digimon and Tamagotchi are still HUGELY popular in Japan. How do I know this? Well, over the entire pandemic I watched a handful of my friends go from “Digimon are cool” to “I need to have DiM cards imported from Japan to my house the day that they are released and I will die before one of my babies die”. So it looks like Tamagotchi decided to go the way of Digimon (which, again, I know more about than any human should simply through osmosis) and have made super cool wrist/smart watch hybrids for the little critters. Do you want one? WELL TOO BAD! It’s a Japan only lottery and it’ll run you 75 bucks before shipping. In the mean time, grab a Digimon watch. It’s significantly cooler.

Space Jam 2: Final Fight Edition

Many moons ago, WB and Xbox had a competition to design and create the game that would be released with Space Jam: A New Legacy. Well, turns out that the game we are getting is a pretty slick looking side scrolling beat ’em up starring LeBron James, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. It looks pretty great, if I’m being honest here. The game will be a Game Pass Exclusive on July 1st, which is great. The game will be free to play on the Microsoft store after the 15th, so we can all enjoy it without spending more cash on Game Pass. The game looks great! Pixelated graphics and some smooth animations make this game look like it’ll be great, or at worst, fun. Give it a look! IT’S FREEEEEEEE!

Windows 11 Has a Few Tricks Up Its’ Sleeve

Windows 11 is a thing and it certainly looks like a Mac, but there’s some pretty cool things announced alongside this new operating system. The big thing is that one of the new features is native support on the Microsoft store for Android Apps. This is a huge thing because most android apps include controller support which means that a ton of remakes that were specific to phones are now available to play on your PC! Some of you are probably like, “Ok, sure. I guess I can play Candy Crush again on my PC, but I’m talking about mobile only versions of Persona, Dragon Quest and Mega Man X DiVE! I am kind of pretty excited about this. And, it sounds like there’s a classic mode that can make it look like a PC and not a Mac, so you have that going for you.

And that’s it! A decent week with some cool news! Now to wait impatiently for Nintendo to friggin’ announce GBA games for the Switch Online so people can actually play the Metroid games on there so they don’t have to dust off their non-existent Wii Us or to pay 400 bucks for the cartridge. You agree with me, right Kieran? (Editor’s note: Kevin has been hit across the face with a metal folding chair.)