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Alright folk, Kevin had some stuff to take care of so I will be your host for this week’s news breakdown. We have some good things to talk about this week too. Because not only is E3 going on this week, but we also have some companies deciding to join in the fun of E3 and of Pride Month. Well, let’s get into it.

E3 2021 is Live

Of course, I had to start with the biggest. E3 2021 is finally live and there has been a lot of info coming out all at once. We at BDG have a ton of content planned for this so be sure to check us out. In the meantime, check out our piece covering the Summer Games Fest here.

Netflix Geeked Week

Netflix joined in with a presentation of their own. Announcing a bunch of new shows and updates about projects that we already knew about. Some announcements of note were that Wayne Brady will be playing the role of King Dice in the Cuphead animation, a Splinter Cell animated series and that the next arc for the Castlevania anime will feature Richter as the leading character.

E3 Online Portal and Misgendering People

Oh E3, when I first hear it was going to be all virtual I was wondering how that would go. Well, from my personal experience, there are some tech issues, such as messaging booths not working. But E3 made the news for another reason with their portal. There is a system for dropping a virtual business card at the booths, and that system using the male pronouns for every card dropped regardless of the gender of the person dropping them. Just seems like something they could have tested prior to launch and certainly highlights the E3 portal in general right now.

Playdate Pre-orders Start in July

Playdate is a tiny little indie-game console that has a crank that will be used in some games as a control scheme. The pre-orders will run you $179, but that gets you the system and 24 games released over the span of 12 weeks. First batch pre-orders are expected to go out by the end of the year. Also, Panic announced a cover for the Playdate, which is $29, and a blue-tooth speaker called the Playdate Stereo Dock that will charge your Playdate and can hold a pen, which will come with it. No price or release date was announced yet for the Stereo Dock, however.

Check out our coverage with more info here.

xScreen for the Xbox One S and X

Welcome to the xScreen. It is an attachment being designed to attach to the back of the system, allowing you to take your Xbox One S or X on the go with you. The attachment plugs into the existing power and HDMI set-up on the system. It is powered at the same time your system is through the same port. The xScreen will have built-in stereo speakers and controls for sound, brightness, and other screen settings. Plus it will be able to fold down like a laptop screen in order to protect itself for travel.

It’s launching on Kickstarter soon. Sign up here for early-bird access.

Warner Bros. Failed Pride Month

Oh boy, this is a good example of companies that simply don’t understand Pride Month. Warner Bros. ran an event in their game called “Love Conquers All” which tasked the community to beat up Poison Ivy. For those that don’t know, Poison Ivy is canonically bisexual, both in the comics and within Injustice 2. I don’t have much more to say about this right now, but wow Warner Bros. did you even consult anyone in the LGBTQ+ community?

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Announced

Alright folks, they are at it again. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus was announced today. To top it off there will be additional content added to the game. I am interested in how the game will be handled on consoles since the original required you to edit files? Either way, that physical collection looks really neat.

And that is that for another week! A big shout out to Kevin for allowing me to handle this week’s YNT. Be sure to check in with us throughout the weekend and next week for all of our E3 coverage. See you all next week.

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