Yesterday’s News Today | PlayStation Showcase, Hate Raids, and Tripwire

Alright folks, we are back for another Yesterday’s New Today! This week we have another showcase presentation from Sony. Also have some interesting stories regarding the Twitch Hate Raids and what is going on over at Tripwire. Well, without further delay let’s get this show on the road!

PlayStation Showcase

Sony gave us an upcoming look at multiple projects this week. I have included the entire showcase here for you to watch if interested. But you should know by now that is not how we do things here. Not just going to leave it at that so check out below for highlights and thoughts on some upcoming releases from this showcase event.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake Announced

The long rumored and anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has finally been announced. While the showcase trailer did not tell us what this will be coming out for. It was later confirmed to be coming as a console exclusive to PS5 at launch and a PC release has been confirmed. Though whether that is at launch or not is yet to be announced.

Project EVE Announcement

Project EVE appears to have some religious undertones going on. The trailer shows us a rather scantly clad female protagonist fighting against what appear to be demons. Looks like a pretty neat action game honestly. Looking forward to seeing more of this project in the future.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands New Trailer

In case you forgot that this was coming out we got a new trailer for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The upcoming fantasy Borderlands styled RPG is looking pretty good in this new trailer. Also, we have an official release date of 25th March, 2022.

Forspoken Gets Way More Information

Alright folks, so I remember back when we only knew of this game as a project name and then the official name reveal trailer. Looks like Forspoken will be an another world type of game. The traversal elements look really neat and the story seems like your typical save the world story. Looking forward to this.

Rainbow Six Siege Extraction Gets Another Trailer

The next Rainbow Six Siege games gets another trailer. What can I really say about this one? It looks like another squad fire game against some sort of virus type enemy. Seems to me like this took a page out of the Alien games and Resident Evil 4‘s play book. These aren’t my type of game but it you enjoy them this one is looking good.

Alan Wake Remastered Reminder

Sony always has to make sure to put a few upcoming releases into their showcases. So we got a trailer for Alan Wake Remastered coming out on 5th October, 2021. Though we at least know it is coming for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Also, looking a little dated even for a remaster honestly.

Grand Theft Happy Days

Almost thought of leaving this out of the highlights. Because it comes as no surprise to this writer that they are just rehashing Grand Theft Auto V and its online component for yet another generation. And this remaster make no sense either because you can already plays these on the PlayStation 5. Anyway, the official ports are coming March 2022.

Ghostwire Tokyo is Looking Great

We got a new trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo this week and man does it have me excited. I love the traversal, the combat, and even the story is showing signs of a really insane science fiction end of the world type deal. Though got to say I am not a fan of the Slendermen with the umbrellas.

Another Look at Guardians of the Galaxy

New story focused trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Also a reminder that the game comes out on 26, October 2021. The story is having some real cult vibes going on here. But am I the only one who can’t stand the Peter Quill in this game?

Hunting on a Grand Scale

Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodhunt gets a new trailer that shows off the different races. Still not sure how I feel about a player-versus-player styled game for this series. But it is certainly looking like a fun time nonetheless. I will just sit here and wait for the next Bloodlines game.

Deathloop Final Trailer

Talk about your reminders of upcoming games because at the time of writing this game is right around the corner. This trailer has some big reveals for the story as a whole though so if you are interested be sure to check it out. I for one am excited to get my hands on this death loop styled game, even if the idea is getting a bit over used in games media as of late.

Radiohead and Epic are Making a Game

I want to say this is a game very loosely because we didn’t get much with this trailer. So I will call it an experience at best. I am ready for this to just be a fake out and end up as a Fortnite map. Let me know what you think on this one as I just can’t make out what this is supposed to be.

Colourful Exploration in Tchia

Okay, I am in love with whatever this game wants to be. It is very vibrant and colourful with a body inhabiting mechanic. Basically, the main character can jump into animals in order to traverse certain areas. I am in on that premise alone so I will certainly be keeping an eye on this.

Uncharted Series Finally Coming to PC

The last of the Uncharted games are coming to PC finally. This will mean the whole series will be available on PC and PlayStation consoles. Also noted after the trailer, the last two games will be sold as a bundle on PC for those looking to finish their collection.

Exclusives Time: Marvel’s Wolverine

As the header suggest, from here on out every game I mention is a PlayStation exclusive. So, we learned that Insomniac is developing another Marvel game and this one is focused on Wolverine. We don’t know much about the project yet, but they are aiming for it to be an emotional story involving the character. Insomniac can make all the Marvel games they want in my opinion because they do a wonderful job with them

Gran Turismo 7 is In the Fast Lane

Racing games are not my biggest passion. I understand why people like them and why certain series are popular. So we got Gran Turismo 7 announced. The trailer showed off some decal customizing, some game play, and an impressive looking photo mode. Though it had quite an interesting music choice. Hats off to you Phantom of the Opera styled music.

Long Awaited Spider-man Returns

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-man 2 game. There is a surprise reveal for at least one villain that will appear within the game Also, sadly the game won’t be out until sometime in 2023.

Boy of War: End Days

Hope you all appreciated the header joke. Anyway, we got a new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok and man am I torn over the story here. It certainly is falling over the reveal of the first game and Atreus seems pretty murder and war happy afterwards. In a post showcase segment we learned that both Thor and Odin will make an appearance as well as the identity of the girl at the end of the trailer being one of the last living giants. This is gearing up to be an epic conclusion to the Norse arc for God of War

And that is it for everything Sony showed us this week. Time to dig into some interesting news stories from the week. So where to begin?

Sony Acquires Another Studio, Third This Year

And here you thought we were done with Sony news for the week. Well, not quite yet. Sony has acquired its third studio this year, and sixteenth stable studio overall. Firesprite, the developer behind The Playroom and horror game The Persistence, has finally become part of the Sony house after spending several years working pretty closely with Sony.

CDPR is Kickstarting

CDPR for some reason has gone to Kickstarter to fund their latest project. Though it is not a game, it is The Witcher: Ronin a full page art styled book that tells the story of Geralt’s travels is a Feudal Japan styled world. First off, I am not sure why a company that reported over $300 million in profits last year need to be kickstarting anything. Second, it appears that they are more or less using Kickstarter as a glorified story front where the only way to get the special editions of this item will be there. The story itself will still retail a standard edition however. It just seems like a weird move for a company that has certainly lost a ton of good will with consumers.

Epic Double Feature

We got two big stories for Epic this week. First, they are shutting down Houseparty, the interactive chat app, in October. The main reason they want to do this is so that the team can focus on my interactive metaverse experiences. And I must say I really dislike the fact that Epic keeps insisting that Fortnite is a metaverse. On that note, we get to pivot to the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit. Where Epic has one slightly here. Apple is no longer to force users to have to make in-app purchases through their storefront starting early December. That being said, the courts ruled that Apple does not have to let Fortnite back on the store and it has basically been said that it won’t return unless Epic plays by Apple’s rules. Basically I don’t expect much to change as a result of any of this.

Tripwire CEO is Tripping Over Himself Out the Door

Oh John Gibson, perhaps you should have stayed out of politics.. Okay, so this week Texas basically passed a law that I would view as unconstitutional. Where women can’t get an abortion after 6 weeks. But it also gives people the power to sue any abortion provider or person suspected of helping someone get an abortion. Now that you are caught up.

John Gibson, the now former CEO of Tripwire, decided that the world needed his opinion on the matter and went to Twitter. Needless to say that as a CEO, his views tend to reflect poorly in a business standpoint, and him being at the helm was causing issues for Tripwire. Like their main developing partner Shipwright Studios looking to effectively cancel all current contracts with Tripwire if Gibson stayed at the head. Well, he has ‘Stepped Down’ as his views were not well liked internally at Tripwire either. Perhaps this might be a good lesson to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Twitch Sues ‘Hate Raid’ Organizers

I am overjoyed to see something like this. Before we dive into the law suit I want to say that “Hate Raids” are disgusting. Those who have participated in these activities should be ashamed of their behaviour. Now that I am done scolding the participates, let’s see what exactly Twitch is doing.

Twitch has lobbied legal action against two users that have been suspected of organizing the “hate raids.” “CruzzControl” and “CreatineOverdose” are those listed in the legal action. While Twitch has not identified the users yet it is only a matter of time before that happens. Twitch is still trying to actively block users that have participated in these raids, but since it is easy for users to make new accounts it is not super effective. Only time will tell what this legal action will do, but I am glad to see they are starting to do something at least.