Yesterday’s News Today | PrE-3

Every so often these days I’ll remember that it’s like 2 weeks until E3 2021 and I start getting super excited. There’s no better way to commemorate this week though than to get excited about the SLEW of announcements and events we had this week. Seriously this week started out big and just kept going.

New Horizons

Sony started off the week by saying that this Thursday was going to be a State of Play presentation specifically focusing on gameplay for Horizon II: Forbidden West! Naturally, Kieran lost his dang mind (as he has been playing through and recently finished the first game in the series) and the world rejoiced as Aloy looked more intense and sicknasty as she proceeded to slay giant robotic animals. Some new inclusions to this game are the new hang glider (which makes travelling SO much better) and some spiffy new animations. However, we didn’t get any release date news (which isn’t entirely surprising for a game of this caliber) so I guess we get to wait a good long while for Aloy to visit these new lands.

Sanic the Hedgehorg Does A Thing

In inversely exciting news, SEGA announced that Sonic was getting a presentation called Sonic Central on Wednesday. What should we expect? How low should we set our standards? The answer is almost nothing and our standards should be near basement level. And what did we get? Well, we learned that Sonic is going to be in nearly every collaborative effort in games where it doesn’t make sense (and a few where he does). Do you want Sonic costumes in the Tokyo Olympics? Sure, that makes sense. Do you need the doctors in Two Point Hospital to be Sonic? Uhh… sure? Did you want some of the tackiest looking Sonic the Hedgehog jewelry? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE GETTING!

I mean, in actually great news SEGA announced the Sonic Colors Ultimate would be coming out to new consoles. Updated graphics and lighting ahoy! On top of that, it looks like at least Tails is playable (which is a nice touch). After that, we found out that SEGA is releasing Sonic 1,2,3, Sonic & Knuckles, and CD in a collection… again. Sure, whatever. They’re in widescreen now. Hooray. Lastly, SEGA finished off the presentation with a teaser of Sonic running through the woods for like… 10 seconds and then it zoomed out to some cryptic looking logo. Turns out according to some datamining and leaks a few days back, the game will tentatively called Sonic Rangers. Could be good. But enough about this man, let’s move on.

Konami Is Making Something….

In an announcement this week, Konami appears to be doing the popular thing now and outsourcing all of their work to smaller studios to get cool projects done. I mean, this is evidence that Konami still make games worth playing, but I mean, the bar for them is so low after Hideo Kojima got the boot. I’m interested to see if we get like… Bomberman 64? Or maybe another Silent Hill? Regardless, this is a huge deal and could mean that we get to check out some new Konami stuff some day.

Pokemon Drops the Dates

Remember how the Pokemon company said they were making some games a few months back? Right! The remakes of Diamond and Pearl as well as whatever Pokemon Legends: Arceus is were in the works with the promise that Diamond and Pearl would come out around the holidays. The monster factory has come forward with the announcement that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be coming out in November! The bigger bit of news was that Legends: Arceus will be coming out just TWO MONTHS later on January 28th.

Now, the latter of these announcements has given rise to some concerns about quality, as the reveal for this game looked noticeably rough. Maybe the build we saw was earlier than we thought and doesn’t reflect the final experience, but I think it’ll be fine. Or, maybe I’m just ready for the inevitable rain of hate that every Pokemon game gets for not being an impossible mash up of everyone’s wildest dreams. I mean, of course Nintendo fans are calm rational people… right?

Roger Craig Smith the Hedgehog

Apparently after some pretty intensive fan outcry, Roger Craig Smith or the modern voice of Sonic the Hedgehog has been reinstated as the aforementioned Hedgehog of legend. While a lot of people who aren’t Sonic fans won’t really care one way or another, this is a big deal for the fandom. RCS has become the voice that many have forever associated with Sonic in all of his adventures, and to hear that his place has been reinstated is exciting. I mean, not that Sonic games are inherently good, but it’s good to keep the one good thing they have.

The Super Hyper Switch Pro Deluxe EX XL With Cheese

Remember how this rumor refuses to die? Like, we’ve been talking about this for what feels like a century, but I’ll be darned if news and stuff keeps showing up for it. In a recent article from Bloomberg sources are stating that Nintendo is not only making this new upgraded system, but that we will now see a reveal of it in the next 10 days. Well, the leak says that we will se a reveal before the official E3 presentation. Apparently the idea is to announce the system (Possibly called the New Nintendo Switch Pro – which is a topic I don’t have nearly enough time to talk about) before E3 so that they will have more time to talk about the new games that will run on the new hardware. Honestly, it’s a smart move if it proves to be true. I’m expecting Nintendo to be talking about E3 stuff for around 45 minutes, so to have none of that time talking about a new console upgrade would be nice. So, keep your eyes peeled. If these rumors are true, we’re getting a 4K capable, 7 inch screen, little beast of a system. Now let’s just hope that they acknowledge Joy-Con drift and give us better controllers. Because YEESH.

I Can Finally Die In The Light (Or Something)

Dying Light 2 has a release date (finally). I feel like this game was announced in 2015 and never came out. Anyways, the game has been announced to have a release date of December 7 of this year. Righteous.

Man, High School Kids Get All The Cool Stuff

Nintendo announced this week that they have established a partnership with the company Play VS, a group specializing in making varsity esports teams for games like Rocket League and Madden, where they will be working to have Nintendo 1st party esports teams. Games include MarioKart 8 Deluxe, Smash Bros Ultimate and Splatoon 2. This is big for a lot of reasons, but mainly because Nintendo is actually doing something with their competitive scene. This is pretty cool of them to do. If I had any inclination to go back to high school, this would certainly be a cool thing to have done.

The Farthest Cry

Far Cry 6 gets a release date! It’s October 7. Cool. Next.

More Bloodstained On The Way

Apparently over the last 48 hours there was some sort of financial report stating things that were either in the works or coming out in the relative future and in this report it was accidentally revealed that a new Bloodstained game was in the works. Now, whether that means we’re getting a full blown Bloodstained or Circle of the Moon 3 is yet to be revealed, but both things are cool to think about. So, I guess keep your eyes peeled for more on this… eventually.

Death Of A Good Spy

So remember how a few months ago we found out that there was a remaster of 007 Goldeneye that was effectively done? Well, turns out we learned some more stuff about this cancelled remaster that it confusing in the weirdest way. Apparently the remaster was nearly completed – like… only a handful of bugs left to iron out (somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 which is not a ton) and just when things were getting real and exciting, an unnamed higher up at Nintendo cancelled the entire project. I have a lot of questions about that, actually. Apparently this was going to be released on the XBox 360, so I’m not sure how Nintendo had the authority to cancel it. One day there will be documentaries on this, but it will remain one of my biggest mysteries. I guess I’ll just have to download the leaked version and enjoy it guilt free. Such is life.

DANG! That’s a lot of stuff, right?! Now I need to finish this up and get ready for a week when we might see a shiny new console! Or, you know… maybe not. Either way, I’ll be here next week yelling the news right into your face.