Yesterday’s News Today | Revivals and Remasters

Oh! I didn’t see you there! I see you’ve come over here for some of that delicious gaming news that I have so lovingly crafted for you over these wonderful months. Well, I’m not one to disappoint, so let’s get going on the good stuff! EA might actually do something decent for once?

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Silence

Remember that whole thing we talked about last week with Blue Box and this “Abandoned” game that they’re working on? Remember how people were all like “It’s totally going to be Silent Hills, a game that was cancelled by Konami and then there was a whole falling out with Kojima and the company?” Well we can now confirm that the game Blue Box is working on is certainly NOT Silent Hill related, because Konami just announced that they are partnering with Team Bloober (the folks behind The Medium among other things) are actually in charge of making the next (two) Silent Hill games. A lot of people are probably not too thrilled about this, and whatever. You wanted a Silent Hill, you get one. I mean, unless you were totally fine with skateboards or something like that. Look ’em up.

Those Remasters Are Releasing SOON

When Square Enix decided that they needed a whole presentation at E3, one thing we had heard rumored was a collection of Final Fantasy remasters/remakes and we certainly did get an announcement of those games! The Pixel Perfect remasters of Final Fantasy I to VI were announced and that was about it. No news of release dates, just an announcement of “These are coming to Steam and Android eventually”. Well, it looks like pages for each game have shown up on Steam with the release date of July 28th! So, uh… that’s soon! The price tag is a little more than people were hoping for, hitting shelves for $12 a piece – meaning you will pay $72 for the whole collection when it’s all ready to go. I will say though that the new art for the enemies and creatures is pretty cool. See, the bosses and enemies have some new sprite work done to them to look more like the original drawings of original artist

Pretty cool, right? That’s sick and I will fight you if you don’t think so. Now uh.. about that font choice…

Spike Chunsoft Strikes Again

Many moons ago, Spike Chunsoft (the folks who made the entire Danganronpa Series as well as the Zero Escape games) released a crazy story called AI: The Somnium Files, another in their long line of mystery/escape room novels that they are so dang good at making. So, it was pretty good, right? People loved it and they were very excited to hear that a sequel of sorts was announced this week in the form of AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative! It’ll be out next year on everything, so look forward to tat if it’s your kind of thing.

Let’s Go Haunt Tsushima Again! (That’s How It Works, Right)

Man, was there going to be a Playstation Event around here, because Sony is sure announcing a while bunch of stuff that would have been GREAT for an E3. The next announcement from them was in the form of Ghost of Tsushima: Durector’s Cut, which unlocks a new island as well as a PS5 version of the game! It looks beautiful (as always) and like it’ll be just as great as the base release of the game. The whole shebang comes out October 20. It should sell a trillion copies and be up for game of the year or something.

In Control Again

And now we have news about a sequel to Control! Another super great game that blew people’s expectations out of the water. If you’re not aware from our podcast “Into the Multi-Voice” that SoloMael REALLY likes this game, and for good reason. There’s some really cool ideas explored in the walls of the Oldest House, but we’re here to talk about TWO new projects that this team is working on. First we have news of a multiplayer action based game which could be crazy and cool, kind of like a third person firefight with psychic powers. While it’s not my jam I will say that the idea is cool. Secondly, and probably more importantly, is an EVEN HIGHER budget sequel to the main game. While everything is in pretty early stages, it’s still super exciting to hear that Control is getting a sequel to begin with. ONWARD!

Even Deader Space

EA might have done something… decent for a change? Remember when Dead Space was a game that existed as a series that people enjoyed? And then EA screwed it up twice in a row? There’s even a big whole video about it explained by Matt McMuscles? So, EA decided that instead of trying to fix the horrible chaos they inflicted on an original (and massively violent) IP, they did the the next best thing and decided to remake the first game! So that’s cool, right? EA did something right for a change? Wait… what’s this you’re saying about EA trying to put real life full blown commercials specifically for gamers inside of video games? NEVER MIND.

Douse THIS, Fi!

Nintendo finally released a trailer for the HD release of Skyward Sword that explains all of the quality of life upgrades that we can see in this new version. I’ll admit that a lot of them are exciting, but the most of which is the ability to just turn Fi off for the majority of the game. For those of you playing this story for the first time, just know that handholding is an extremely kind way of explaining what Fi did in the original game. This is welcome, but some of the other stuff is big too! There’s a new autosave feature, the ability to fast forward dialogue and a streamlined explanation of items as you pick them up! No more explaining what a pile of seeds is EVERY TIME YOU PICK THEM UP! It’s great. If you wanna complain about the Amiibo feature, it’s not even that much of a thing, really. There’s plenty of bird statues wherever you go. Also, remember, you still have to fight The Imprisoned like… FIVE times.

Killer Instinct Still Lives On In The Minds Of Xbox

Admittedly, there are much more qualified people to talk about this story than I am, like Maximillian Dood, but this is still a cool story. A week or so ago there was a podcast for fighting games that managed to score having Phil Spencer on as a guest. The question was asked about if Killer Instinct would receive a second game since the success of the Xbox One’s installment that did particularly well and garnered a vibrant fan base. The response, while not the most hopeful, was the best news we’ve heard in years. Phil effectively said that while there are not currently plans to make a sequel, the idea of a sequel are not far from their minds, it’s just that the team isn’t there to take it on. If you haven’t watched the documentary on the making of Killer Instinct, it’s free on Youtube and well worth the watch. The game was a perfect storm of people available at the time and Xbox taking a chance on something new. Seriously, this game needs some love and we can always hope that that team will show up before too long.

An Update For Mario Kart… Home Circuit

So, this certainly happened. Nintendo shadow dropped a new cup/tour for the AR Mario Kart: Mario Kart Home Tour. I mean, sure. It’s a very Nintendo thing to do, but I’m glad that people who grabbed this game have some more content and themes for the whole thing. The update is all jungle themed, so there’s barrels and trees and goop and whatnot and it looks like it should be a bunch of fun. People will of course be mad that it’s not an update to Mario Kart 8 (a game that has a SIGNIFICANTLY LARGER install base), but it’s cool, right? Show love for people who bought your super expensive AR racing game.

That’s it! Another week well spent as I scour the web-o-net for more cool news and junk for you folks to feast upon during your Saturday breakfasts. With that, I am off to a friend’s house to play ridiculously high level Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. It’s gonna be a GOOD TIME.