[Yesterday’s News Today] – Smashing The Game Awards

Right! The Game Awards hit on Thursday and kind of took the stage front and center for a ton of the announcements. Especially because we heard early that morning that there was going to be a Super Smash Bros fighter coming during the presentation! How exciting! I mean, there were other things as well that happened this week, but let’s be clear here: There’s kind of a big draw to the elephant in the room.

Everything is Neon

Hey! Double Dragon Neon, a killer awesome beat-’em-up from… wait let me look this up… 2012?! WHOA! Forgot this came out so long ago. Well… I guess Scott Pilgrim came out in 2010. That’s fine. Anyways, it’s a great game and it just got announced for the Switch and it’s coming out soon! December 21st (Just 10 days away!) And you know what? That’s not even the best part of the week! That honor goes to…

One Winged Angel

I’m not sure if you all remember the Videogame Awards last year, but we were all expecting a Smash announcement and it never came. Sure, we got trailers for No More Heroes III, Bravely Default II and some other stuff, but it wasn’t what a majority of viewers were looking for. So, you know, I tempered my expectations going in so I wouldn’t have another experience like that again. AND THEN NINTENDO DROPPED THIS AT SEVEN AM:

Cue Nintendo blowing the pants off the beginning of the Videogame Awards. It’s something like four minutes into the presentation when Nintendo drops their trailer and it’s a DOOZY. MOTHERFREAKIN’ SEPHIROTH from Final Fantasy VII. This trailer hit hard and hit fast and never gave in until the last second. It looks like he has something akin to Cloud’s Limit Break mechanic as well as a sword the length of a regulation school bus, so it’s gonna be crazy to watch how he works. Fans are mostly excited that at least TWO WHOLE SONGS are going to be added to the Smash soundtrack.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, we got hit at the end with the fact that Sephiroth joins the roster THIS MONTH! Nintendo tweeted not too long after that the “Mr. Sakurai Presents: Sephiroth” video will hit on the 17th. Sephiroth will probably drop the same day, so be excited for that. Personally, I’m really excited for the hilariously elongated box that the Amiibo will come in.

Amiibo to A-you-bo

Hey! Remember when Nintendo announced THESE Amiibo figures ages ago? We sure do (Kieran specifically! He’s only missing one Amiibo.) Well we finally got a release date for the three Amiibo figures left for the first Fighter Pass and that date is March 26th! Personally, I’m super excited about Terry because I’ve been a huge King of Fighters fan since the early 2000s and I am SUPER down with having an affordable figurine or that beautiful man.

Resurrected… for the Third Time

Out of the blue during the Game Awards Nintendo droppped a trailer for a remake of Ghosts and Goblins. It came with a pretty cool new art style (and token insanity-level difficulty) and looks to be everything that lovers of frustratingly brutal gameplay and classic platforming would ever want. (But please Kevin, tell us how you really feel!) Personally, this game is so friggin’ hard and mean for the sake of being mean. Don’t believe me? Well try it for yourself when it hits shelves in Febraury 2021. It drops the same day as…

Free Play At The Arcade… Kind Of…

Capcom Arcade Stadium was announced alongside Ghosts N’ Goblins Resurrected and it’s actually a super cool concept. The idea behind the game is that it’s a collection of Capcom arcade classics, but you get the first one, 1942, for free. The rest of the games come in buyable packs you can pick individually. Want Street Fighter II and all of its variations? There’s a pack for that. Don’t want to spend the money on Bionic Commando, but you DO want to pick up Strider? They have a plan for that! It’s a really smart idea that a lot more people should be picking up on. A choose your own bundle for arcade classics is GENIUS and I want to see more of it. I’m looking at you SNK and NEO-GEO. You’re up.

And that’s the big stuff for this week. There was some drama around Nintendo cease-and-desisting everything and something about Joy-Con and Etika, but that’s still developing and honestly is a big old mess. But for now, I’ll just be over here hyped as heck for Sephiroth and Double Dragon Neon.

Later, folks!

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