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This week had a crazy bit of news that I’m not sure anybody saw coming, and I am totally in for it. Other than this big hitter, there were some smaller things that were still pretty great! Let’s get to it, friends!

Mario Party Online, FINALLY

After a few years (Seriously almost THREE) Nintendo released an update for Super Mario Party that enabled true online multiplayer for regular party mode (you know, the thing people ACTUALLY PLAY) and a few other modes. The entire world collectively said “Wait, why didn’t you just do this to begin with? Or why did you wait THREE YEARS to make this a thing in a world that had a massive pandemic when you sold literally every console you had and you could have made a KILLING?!” Well, whatever. It’s better late than never, I guess. The biggest hope is that this is a sign for what will happen with Super Mario Party 2 (or, God willing, a Mario Party collection), but we can rest easy in knowing that it’s actually nice to play games like this online. Maybe do Smash next?

Miitopia Gets a Facelift

Miitopia, the 3DS-turned-Switch game, got a pretty impressive demo this week. However, the biggest thing that I didn’t expect was seeing a massive fanbase start taking the newly revamped Mii customization kit that comes with the game. You’re probably saying “Really? Miis? What is this, 2009?” No man, you need to see this. The amount of customization available in this game is unprecedented. I have seen ART on Twitter from people going to town on this. Here’s some favorites.

A 19.99 Fortnite V Bucks gift card

The Final Boss from Milky Way Wishes

Strong Bad. Friggin’ Strongbad.

Lastly, Mr. Clean.

The sheer amount of power that this tool has is insane and if nothing else has entirely sold me on getting my copy next month. Gimme gimme gimme gimme…..

Wait, WHO?!

In a crossover that NOBODY saw soming, we turn to the Crash Bandicoot mobile game. Apparently Domino’s got a partnership deal with this game and they put the Noid (from the REALLY old promotional campaign in the late 80’s and 90’s) in this game. Like… who was asking for this? I mean, it’s ridiculous and kind of funny, but who is going to remember this? I will say that it’s a pretty great new model for the little guy, but I could have gone YEARS without thinking about this guy.

An Unreleased SNES Game, REBORN!

Many moons ago a game by the name of Nightmare Busters was being developed for the SNES, but unfortunately was cancelled before it ever saw the light of day. Well, it’s great that we live in the world where people love to find things that look cool and remaster them because this is EXACTLY what the wolks at Pix ‘n Love and Aurora Game Studio decided to do! They have devoted themselves to making the game a faithful recreation in full beautiful HD glory. It’s a Run ‘n Gun like Contra, Metal Slug and Cuphead so this could be a huge and great hit when it finally comes out. I know I’m hyped for it.

More Monster Hunting

Hey! New monsters to hunt! Capcom announced an update to Monster Hunter Rise that included a healthy new stack of Monsters to capture or kill as well as a slew of new features. Layered armor, higher hunter ranks, new missions out the wazoo and new level caps for Palicos and Palamutes. Honestly, I’ve never played the game, but I know this game is the real deal. The update is free with your game and if that isn’t a good reason to grab this, then I don’t know what is.

Ni No Kuni II Sneaks Up On Us

Man, the ESRB really likes accidentally announcing a bunch of games before we know they’re coming out, right? The next in the list is Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom for the Switch. This makes sense as Ni No Kuni came out for the Switch last year and I’m sure this will be another smash hit like it always is. I swear, you could put anything on the Switch and it would sell like gangbusters. Maybe start thinking about the Gamecube re-releases, Nintendo?

Playstation Comes to Play

Sony invited us all to check out the State of Play this week and it wasn’t super long, but it was pretty good. It came and did exactly what it needed to do: show us some cool stuff we were curious about and then leave. We have the full write up right here by our very talented Mel Curtis. Give her some love by checking out what Sony talked about. (spoiler, it was a LOT of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart)

Wait, You Still Make Games?

Wait, Konami still makes games that they need a whole event to announce? Isn’t Konami just releasing PES every year? I mean, if they want to take some time to announce literally anything I guess that’ll be good. I guess we’ll just have to wait another few months for the next Yu Gi Oh release.

And there’s your stuff folks! Pokemon Snap just came out, so I’m sure you’re all playing the frig out of that or Returnal. It’s been a quiet week, but certainly a good one. I look forward to seeing what’s on the horizon for next week. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make 100 new Mii faces.

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