[Yesterday’s News Today] Remasters and Rumours

We stand here at the end of another week without a whole lot of Nintendo Direct level news, but don’t let that get you down because there were some bigger stories that came out of the woodwork. So let the snowfall, and the stories rise folks. Let’s get going!

Sweet, Sweet Accessibility

The fine folks over at Hori have revealed an accessibility controller for Switch which is a MASSIVE step in the right direction for the video gaming world. Ever since Microsoft revealed their accessibility controller last year, those with disabilities now have greater access to being able to play games like the rest of us. This is huge! Currently, the price tag is sitting at $230 and is only releasing in Japan, but the controller is region free, so it’ll work wherever you need it to. There needs to be more of this in the world. Here’s to hoping for more!

8 Days until Calamity

I hope you’re as excited as I am for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity because Nintendo sure seems to think so! And why wouldn’t they? This is one of the big holiday titles! To really drive this game in during the last stretch before release, Nintendo is releasing some fancy art for each character. So far we only have the Champions, but the art is lovely and they look awesome. However, with 8 days to go who else are we going to see? We’ll get Link, Impa, Zelda, Robbie and Purah, but that leaves one other. I’m hoping for the mystery bad guy, not-Vaati. If you haven’t played the demo yet, go for it! It’s free and fun! The game comes out on the 20th, so be excited!

Too (or Three) Good to Believe

With the holidays coming close we turn our hearts and minds to something I haven’t thought of too much: Unsubstantiated rumours about things that are probably too good to be true. Let’s rewind to a few days ago when this listing at GAME appeared.

Pokemon Master Collection, a single cartridge that has three Pokemon titles on it: Red, Gold and Ruby. The rumor also says that these games will have online capability as well as compatibility with Pokemon Home. Do we at Nintendad think this is real? No. Not really. Like, I get it, this is a big deal if it’s real, but to take three of the most iconic Pokemon games and to just abandon Blue, Silver and Sapphire is crazy. I get that diehard fans already feel like Nintendo doesn’t really care about the fans, but if there’s one thing I DO know about Nintendo is that they certainly like MONEY. Not adding the second batch of Pokemon games is leaving a fat stack on the table, especially in an age of weaponising nostalgia. We’re giving this a fat FAKE.

Sam and Max Ride Again (BUT BETTER!)

Whoa! I’ll be honest that this little gem came out of NOWHERE! Turns out a bunch of ex Telltale Games developers got together and remastered Sam and Max Save the World. What’s crazier about this is that the games are coming out (so far) only for Switch and PC on December 2nd. But here’s the kicker! This isn’t just a simple graphical update, or just a port. This is a huge amount of work and effort put into this remaster. Here’s the rundown from samandmax.co.uk:

You get a 16:9 aspect ratio (be gone, 1024×768!), dynamic lighting, improved lip sync, different control methods (classic point and click or direct control), uncompressed audio, redesigned character models (with Steve Purcell’s input), a new user interface and opening credits sequence, changed camerawork for some cutscenes, additional exterior locations for establishing shots, AND five new jazz tracks from original composer Jared Emerson-Johnson.

That’s INSANE! THIS is how you do a remaster, folks! It’s almost like somebody put some real effort into making this incredible and I am looking forward to playing it. (Spoiler alert: I already called dibs on the review!)

Sam, Sam but different!

Out of the dang blue AGAIN we get news of the Serious Sam collection for Switch. This was announced this week and it comes out NEXT week. The collection includes Serious Sam 1 and 2 in HD as well as Serious Sam 3 with all of its associated DLC. It’s all the greatness you’ve come to enjoy with the series, but now it’s on the go! Devolver is involved, so you know it’ll be fun and silly as always. $30 bucks nabs you the whole collection. I’m telling ya, gimme all the ports on Switch. I’ll buy most of them.

Remember Splatfests?

Nintendo sure does. This January marks another Splatfest in the unexpected revival of Splatoon 2 where the rivalry will be between Super Mushrooms and Stars. Do you still care about Splatoon 2? If so (and even if you don’t), Nintendo will be making physical versions of the shirts for the different teams! I love when they do stuff like this and I have to say that these shirts are bangin’! $30 bucks a shirt is a bit much for me, but I could be swayed to grab one of those star shirts. They’re on sale now, so if they tickle your fancy go for it while they’re still there. Stay Fresh.

Samus (Maybe) Returns

So, Nintendo is no stranger to accidental leaks over the last few years. Such famous gaffes include accidentally revealing the inclusion of Castlevania characters in Smash Ultimate, and Kirby Fighters 2 accidentally slipping early are two that come to mind right now, but there are people speculating that a third accidental announcement has just happened. A recent announcement of a new skin to put on your Switch themed after Super Metroid was talked about a few days ago (which looks pretty cool, by the way) and it came with some interesting imagery. The company showed off different themes for their skins (Animal Crossing, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, etc) and showed the skins off with their associated games being played on their respectively decorated consoles. So… you probably see where I’m going with this. This is what they had on their site:


This is a picture of Samus Returns for the 3DS edited to be shown running on the Switch. As a graphic designer, yeah this makes sense. There’s no Metroid game on the console yet, so you have to make do with what you have. Could they have gone with Super Metroid on the SNES Online? Sure, but it doesn’t look as cool. People out there are freaking out that this is a sign that we’re gonna get a shadow-dropped Metroid game in the next (checks calendar) month and a half, but we here at Nintendad think it’s just a clever edit and nothing more. (Even though having a 2D Metroid would complete the list of leaked games coming out this year… Just saying.)

So there you go! Another week come and goes with some cool stuff in there. I’m hoping for more remasters (and maybe some expansions to the Switch Online maybe, YOU COWARDS!) in the future. But, until then, I’m going to avoid another folding metal chair from Kieran.

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