Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Zing Games Inc.
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Release Date: 02/03/2022
  • Price: : £13.00 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Daedalic Entertainment

Introducing: Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes Review

Zombie Rollerz sees you take the role of a pinball wizard (that’s the one and only time, I promise!) named Burnjamin trying to stem the zombie plagues that is consuming your procedurally generated world in fast-paced, rogue-lite, pinball combat. Along the way, you’ll unlock new player characters (all with suitably punny names), power-ups that carry over, and the various powers and items found in each individual run. Every character has their own personality and powers/gimmick, mixing it up and keeping it from going stale. The bulk of the game is spent on a pinball table, using your pinballs and powers to clear the zombies out or grabbing as much treasure as you can. It all adds up to some crazy, frantic, pinballing, zombie killing.

I’ve Played The Silver Ball

Professor Omnipedia is looking for a hero to help save the world. He enlists the heroes to use their pinball prowess to stop the face munchers in their tracks. As far as the story goes, that’s about it. It’s a rouge-lite, so there’s really only enough story to justify killing zombies using various elemental pinballs but in this case, you really don’t need much more. With a total of 10 heroes and 11 bosses spread across 4 different worlds, there’s plenty to keep you busy even without a lot of exposition. Each hero is unique enough to offer new gameplay gimmicks at each turn of the story and keeps things fresh throughout your journey.

Sure Plays A Mean Pinball

The backbone of the rogue-lite part of the game is basically a battle pass that doesn’t expire. Along the way, as you gain levels in the game, you’ll unlock trinkets and characters to further your fight against the ever-present zombies. The overworld is random, but the basics are the same for each run. There are treasure boxes, upgrade crystals, obstacles, and of course, zombies. To ensure you are always moving forward, there is a wave of the zombie plague always on your heels. Once you hit a pinball phase, you use the gameplay loop of pinball to hit zombies and bosses instead of bumpers and score pads, augmented by your hero’s element. Each table also will have various pinball traps and features, such as an ax on a tree stump that when hit will spin the ax around, hitting anything around it, or a well that will explode in water, damaging random spots on the board. All of it comes at the speed of pinball, but it’s easy enough to follow, not so easy to master. Thankfully, you also have guidelines to help in your shots. Once it’s cleared, you pick a power-up and move on to the next pinball table.

Feeling All The Bumpers

The game has a very cheerful aesthetic and color palette that makes seeing what’s on screen, even when it’s covered in effects, easy. While it’s clearer on the large screen, the game plays very well in handheld mode thanks to the art style and open design of the tables. Menu screens pop and you can almost tell all 50 different types of zombies apart as they come for you. While the theme music isn’t going to win any awards, it’s perfectly serviceable and doesn’t distract from your gaming.

He’s Got Crazy Flipper Fingers

Make no mistake, when you are on a pinball table there is a lot going on. It would be very easy for this game to bog down the Switch and have lag and rubber banding. In this case, it’s a benefit of being developed for mobile phones. Because it’s made to run on a phone, the Switch has zero problems handling as much as the game can throw at it. I never noticed so much as a lag or bump in my time playing. The flippers are very reactive and feel connected to both the ball and the table, so there is no floaty feeling. Sure, there are times when everything goes off at once that it may get harder to see what’s really going on, but you’ll never lose a level because of lag.


This is an almost perfect pick-up-and-play title and the demands on your time will never overstay their welcome. The moment you feel a grind seeping in, you’ll unlock another new something to keep you going. The value of the title can’t be beaten if you’re looking for that game to waste a few minutes standing in line or waiting at the Doctor’s office. It’s that well-worn trope of being easy to play, but tricky to master. And it feels doubly good when you actually do start to master some of the trickier shots and challenge levels. All around a very well-put-together game that will scratch a very specific itch, if you can overlook the fact that it’s a ported mobile title (also available on Apple Arcade).


  • Great value
  • Decent replayability
  • Clean, easy to see graphics


  • Free on Apple Arcade


Strangely addictive Pinball game about killing zombies is your new favorite pastime.

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