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Introducing: .cat Milk Review

Back in April of this year, this reviewer admitted to picking up a low cost game with a cat featured in the logo.  It seems that same cat is back again for another adventure, this time, however, while there are minor improvements to gameplay, the prequel is almost completely forgotten in favor of a precision platformer.  Does the sequel have the same intrigue as its .cat featuring prequel?  Let’s find out!

Dot Cat/.cat/Period Cat Again!


Unlike its predecessor, .cat or Period Cat Milk does not have an intro of any kind or any semblance of a story.  Instead, you are the same white cat, and your goal is to grab the bowl of milk at the end of the level and return back to your starting position with it.  You’ll utilize the D-Pad and the B button to traverse the floating blocks, balloons, springs, and buzz saws in order to get some milk and go home. 

Unfortunately, detections for obstacles such as balloons, buzz saws, and spikes are strangely positioned, which will cause you to have to start over several times despite timing your jumps and movements perfectly.  This creates a rather frustrating experience that makes continuing through the game more of a chore than wondering if the cat is EATING anything with its milk.  Perhaps this will appeal to anyone looking for a short precision platformer with wonky detection, but that price may ward off even hardcore fans.

Final Thoughts

Well, that looks dangerous

.cat is another wrong way to use your money.  While it may feature a cat which is now no longer featured in glorious hi-def on the home screen, this holds little water even as a puzzle platforming game.  This is a 50 level game with no real point to exist except to steal 10 American dollars from you.  Perhaps the next .cat game will adopt another new game genre.  If so, this reviewer truly hopes there’s some substance in it.


  • There’s a cat in it
  • Very short


  • Outrageously expensive for what it is
  • Object detection is unclear
  • No real substance
  • Boring
  • Feels more like the cheap Mario Maker levels
  • Uninspired
  • Portals are labeled for one level, no others


.cat Milk, like it’s prequel, is another period of time you’ll spend wishing you played something else!

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